Assistant Minister - Youth & Children

Read Assistant Minister - Youth & Children
St Matthew's
Location: West Pennant Hills, NSW
Date advertised: 17th March 2017
Job Type: Full time, Permanent
Closing Date:

St Matthews Anglican Church is a reformed evangelical Anglican church located in the north west of Sydney, NSW.

We are seeking a full-time Youth and Children’s Minister, to lead and develop our established Youth and Children’s Ministry.

Selection Criteria: Essential

  • A prayerful, committed Christian with evangelical convictions
  • A demonstrable love and concern for children & youth A willingness to submit to organisational leadership
  • A commitment to developing structures that build mature disciples of Christ.
  • A commitment to outreach and seeing young people come to Christ
  • Ability to think strategically about gospel ministry in a local church
  • Ability to take responsibility for existing areas of ministry as well as develop new ideas to implementation
  • A self-starter
  • Ability to lead, motivate and organise a team
  • Ability to delegate, prioritise and plan tasks
  • Committed to training people for ministry
  • Ability to implement change
  • A personable yet effective communicator who is able to handle interactions in a godly manner
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theology or higher.

Selection Criteria: Secondary

  • Experience delivering SRE
  • Experience training teams
  • 5+ years serving as a vocational youth minister
  • Someone who is gladly able to work within an Anglican Church framework and who holds to the doctrine expressed in the 39 Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer.

Mission Priorities

1. Build a discipleship community that is clearly Christian and accessible to new children and youth.

Working with the Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator, oversee and develop the Children’s ministry across St Matthews.

In partnership with the lay Youth Leadership team, lead the weekly youth group Lead quality and engaging bible teaching and studies

Develop a camp program to complement the weekly youth group.

2. Partnering with the whole staff team to integrate youth & children into the life of the whole church family.

Facilitate communication between the children’s & youth ministry and congregations.

Work with the children’s ministry and young adult ministry to ensure strategies are complementary and create a natural pathway.

Facilitate opportunities for intergenerational connections.

3. Work with parents to grow mature disciples of Christ.

Ensure every parent has an opportunity to meet the leader(s) of their child.

Oversee a biannual meeting with parents of children and youth Regular communication through emails and newsletters.

4. Development of evangelism, with particular emphasis on evangelism to Children & Youth

Development of appropriate outreach opportunities for Children & Youth.

Develop outreach opportunities in the schools around St Matthew’s

Participate in the weekly lunch time groups at the local high schools

Participation in and support of SRE in the local schools

Develop a sustainable and effective pattern of Holiday Kid’s/youth Clubs (in partnership with the Children’s and Youth ministry leadership teams)

Program Youth friendly outreach opportunities as part of our Sundays

5. Develop & pastor teams of mature leaders

Primarily responsible for the pastoral care and support of the Children’s and Youth Leadership teams

Work with the other ministries of the church to resource each ministry appropriately

Lead and work with the Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator and Youth Leadership Team to grow a thriving Gospel driven Children’s & Youth Ministry

Develop a training strategy for existing leaders

Work with the children’s ministry team to develop a junior leadership program

Identify & encourage potential leaders to attend training in earlier years

6. Other Responsibilities

Lead and develop prayer support for the above responsibilities

Be actively involved in Sunday services Preach regularly across Parish, with regular preaching involvement in Sunday evening congregation

Be Committed to your own theological development

7. Personal Responsibilities

Devoted to prayer and the reading of God’s word

Growing in godliness

Demonstrable love for your family

Encouraging your family to be as involved in church life as any other member of the church family

Involved in befriending and reaching out to unbelievers

For further information or enquiries please call Rev Matt Lemsing on 0434 819 984.

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