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Media release and full text of the Easter message is available from the Media Release section of the website.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, has raised the issue of loneliness in society in his 2010 Easter Message, calling it a major social problem.

Dr Jensen said despite the many good things about life in Sydney, there remained a significant issue with human relationships.

He agreed with one assessment, which said as many as one in four people lack a close confidant.

Archbishop Jensen called it a social problem and a spiritual one.

He said "The Christian message is about restoring relationships."

"First, our relationship with God: that is what he was doing at the first Easter, when Jesus dies to take away our sins and restore our friendship with God. Then, our relationships with each other. As a result of what Jesus did, we are meant to reach out to each other, to care, to love, to serve."

Dr Jensen continued, "We are not meant to be alone. That is a major social problem. At its heart, is a spiritual problem and we need to seek God's solution through Jesus."

The Easter Message is distributed to the media and reporting in newspapers, radio, tv and online.

But this year Dr Jensen has also recorded special Easter video segments, based on the Gospel of Luke translation, The Essential Jesus. These have been distributed to churches for inclusion in Easter services as part of the ‘Connect for Life’ campaign.



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