Merged group named Anglicare

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The newly merged group formed from Anglicare Sydney and Anglican Retirement Villages has officially begun, using the name Anglicare.

The merger took effect on July 1st, and although its legal name will be  'Anglican Community Services', it will use the trading names 'Anglicare' and 'Anglicare Sydney'.  

A statement from Anglicare said the board of the new organisation made the decision to retain the name because of its recognition and prominence. 

"As a highly respected organisation, Anglicare is regularly referenced by different political parties in Parliament for its research and advocacy. The new Board agreed that this level of recognition among clients and residents, government, donors, parish supporters and the community was too valuable to overlook and replace with an unfamiliar name." the statement said.

A new logo (above) was also unveiled with the organisation saying the design depicts heritage, stability and growth.  The logo's three branches illustrate three integral aspects of Anglicare's work - Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care; Home Care; and Community Services.

"Anglicare's new brand identity will be rolled out slowly but consistently across all aspects of the organisation from 1 July.  While it will be 'business as usual' for Anglicare's clients and residents with no disruption to service delivery, the large scale 'back of house' merger is expected to take from 18 months to two years to complete." the statement said.

The newly merged organisation is supported by approximately 3,800 full and part-time staff as well as 2,900 volunteers.

"Anglicare will offer a greater economy of scale and capacity to serve the Diocesan Mission more effectively.  Preserving more than 200 years of combined service from its antecedent organisations, Anglicare will build on this foundation, expand its reach into the community, and share the gospel with people who are yet to know Jesus Christ." the board said.

The Chief Executive Officer of ARV, Mr Rob Freeman, will continue as the CEO of the merged organisation, pending the announcement of a new CEO, as well as the organisation's vision and mission statements in the coming months.

The scale of the new organisation is significant.

Anglicare will now operate a range of services across the Greater Sydney and the Illawarra region, including community services programs such as migrant and refugee services, emergency relief, counselling, foster care and adoptions, disability support services for young people as well as chaplaincy services. Anglicare's 22 Retirement Living Villages serve more than 2,500 people, there are 22 Residential Aged Care Facilities serving 2,180 people, Home Care services to 1,500 people and services to over 6,000 people in Commonwealth Home Support Programs, in their homes and through 20 day and respite centres.



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