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New Anglican Dean of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel, installed at St Andrew’s Cathedral

February 8, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: The new Anglican Dean of Sydney has made history. Kanishka Raffel, who was officially installed as Dean of Sydney last Thursday, is the first person from a non-European background to hold the role in the church's history in Australia.

Burkina Faso: Kidnapped Australian woman freed

February 8, 2016 BBC News: Militants have freed an Australian woman kidnapped with her husband last month in Burkina Faso, releasing her in neighbouring Niger.

Former Sydney Anglican archbishop Peter Jensen to give evidence at abuse royal commissio

February 5, 2016 Daily Telegraph: THE former Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has apologised to a victim of sexual abuse and admitted the response of the church to his allegations was wrong.

Jensen due at abuse royal commission

February 5, 2016 Yahoo7: An attitude of forgive-and-forget in the Anglican church hampered efforts to address abuse by child sex predators, former Sydney diocese leader Peter Jensen says.

Phoenix opts for silence over prayers at public meetings

February 5, 2016 Religion News Service: The city of Phoenix has decided to replace prayer at its public meetings with a moment of silence.

Pastor sentenced in same-sex custody case

February 5, 2016 Associated Press: A pastor convicted of helping a Virginia woman flee the country rather than share custody of her daughter with her former Vermont same-sex partner has been ordered to federal prison after a court rejected an appeal of his 2012 conviction.

The war on Christianity in the Congo

February 4, 2016 World Watch Monitor: While the brutality of the so-called Islamic State has concentrated world attention on Iraq and Syria, lesser-noticed movements inspired by IS are taking root far from the Middle East.

Former church leaders apologise for abuse

February 4, 2016 SBS News: Former Australian governor-general Peter Hollingworth admits that in 1993 he was more worried about the welfare of a pedophile priest than a young victim, and 23 years later has offered a personal apology for his poor handling of the matter.

Mark Driscoll Will Launch New Church in Phoenix This Year

February 4, 2016 Christian Post: It's official. Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll will make his comeback this year at a new church plant in Phoenix, Arizona, called The Trinity Church.

Roderick West: headmaster who inspired thousands of pupils and teachers

February 4, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: Prince Charles during his two terms at Timbertop, a rural outpost of Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, had what he described later was a fairly rugged experience, but he "loved it all"; and he remembered well his Latin teacher, Roderick West. Nothing was too good – at least in those days – for the heir to the throne of England.

Vandals smash up Glenquarie Anglican Church, can’t break spirit

February 4, 2016 Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown: GLENQUARIE Anglican Church minister David Ould was appalled when he opened up his church this morning to see it had been ransacked and vandalised overnight.

Gay cake row bakery owner reveals attacks on business

February 2, 2016 Belfast Telegraph: A bakery found to have discriminated against a gay man has been vandalised and critical letters sent to its owner.

It’s like a science fiction nightmare, say Christian bakers in gay marriage cake case

February 2, 2016 UK Telegraph: Bakers taken to court for refusing to make Sesame Street cake supporting gay marriage insist they would do it again as landmark appeal set to define limits of freedom of conscience.

‘Gay cake’ couple: ‘We don’t hate anyone. It’s done out of love for God’

February 2, 2016 The Guardian: An evangelical Christian couple at the centre of the “gay cake” court case have insisted they never meant to discriminate against anyone and do not hate gay people.

Donald Trump tries to put money on Communion plate

February 2, 2016 UK Telegraph: Mr Trump blunders during church visit to woo evangelical voters in Iowa but still remains favourite to win the first Republican presidential vote.

The agony of Iowa’s evangelicals

February 1, 2016 CNN: The final days before the first-in-the-nation caucuses are agonizing for many Iowa evangelicals as they waver between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Cash concerns for England’s Anglican cathedrals

February 1, 2016 BBC News: Almost two-thirds of those running England's Anglican cathedrals are concerned about their finances, a BBC survey suggests.

More than half of British adults visited church in past year

February 1, 2016 The Guardian: More than half of British adults have visited a church in the past year, despite falling numbers of those who define themselves as Christian, and six in 10 say the government should provide grants to help maintain the buildings, according to an opinion poll.

Government survey asking 13-year-old’s to pick from 25 genders

February 1, 2016 Daily Mail: Try to imagine a world populated by teenagers who are neither boys nor girls but have three genders at once: they are male, female and androgynous, making them ‘tri-gender’.

Anglican clergy could drop traditional dress in favour of casual clothing

February 1, 2016 The Guardian: Church synod debating whether traditional robes could become optional in effort to reflect changing nature of some services.