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Cambodia resettlement deal for asylum seekers moves closer

April 24, 2014 The Age: A deal with Cambodia to resettle asylum seekers is moving closer with Scott Morrison declaring that a country's economic capacity is irrelevant to his expansion of a "club" of nations to take refugees.

Army stands behind decision to join in Prayer Day

April 24, 2014 USA Today: Army officials say they will not back away from participating in a Capitol Hill prayer event next month despite complaints that the event amounts to an endorsement of evangelical Christians.

What’s behind Cameron’s embrace of ‘Christian Britain’?

April 24, 2014 Christian Science Monitor: Even the Anglican Church admits that Britons are not exactly known for their regular religious attendance.

Attorney General: Rise of fundamentalism is ‘damaging’ Christianity

April 24, 2014 UK Telegraph: The rise of religious fundamentalists with a 'deep intolerance' to other people's views has made Christians reluctant to express their beliefs, Dominic Grieve warns.

Southern Baptist conference grapples with questions of sexuality

April 23, 2014 The Guardian: Leaders taking part in three-day conference to discuss church's attitude towards homosexuality, pornography and monogamy.

America’s Less Religious: Study Puts Some Blame On The Internet

April 23, 2014 NPR: America is less religious than ever before. The number of Americans who reported no religious affiliation has been growing rapidly, doubling since 1990. That kind of rapid change matches another societal trend — growth in Internet use.

Royal couple spend Easter Sunday with bibles and bilbies

April 22, 2014 NZ Herald: The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge are spending Easter Sunday with bibles and bilbies.

Jack Straw comes out in support of David Cameron on ‘Christian Britain’

April 22, 2014 The Guardian: Former Labour foreign secretary tells BBC's Today programme Christian-based values 'permeate our sense of citizenship'

David Cameron ‘fuelling sectarian division by bringing God into politics’

April 22, 2014 UK Telegraph: Dozens of public figures accuse David Cameron of fostering alienation and division with call to view Britain as a Christian country.

Stop dressing so tacky for church

April 22, 2014 CNN: f the Rev. John DeBonville could preach a sermon to lift the souls of churchgoers across America, his message would be simple:Stop dressing so tacky for church.

Royal couple join cathedral’s Easter Sunday worshippers

April 22, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Laughter rang out and there was even the odd round of applause.

ALP looks for weak link in the new Premier Mike Baird’s chain

April 22, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Labor has been quick to attack the Premier Mike Baird over his conservative Christian social values, seeking to exploit any chink in the armour of the new Liberal leader.

China on course to become ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years

April 22, 2014 UK Telegraph: The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America.

Greed is the market’s forgotten vice

April 22, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Where do Easter and business intersect? Well, what about at greed.

Prince William and Kate attend Easter Service at St Andrews Cathedral

April 20, 2014 CHOOSE: The Royal couple attended the Easter Sunday service and despite it being a solemn religious occasion, they were greeted by cheers and shouts from the excited crowd.

Prince William and Kate give boy sopranos a ‘dutch’ treat at Easter

April 20, 2014 CHOOSE: Singing the ''Hallelujah Chorus'' from Handel's Messiah is a big ask at the age of 6½. More so if you have to do it watched by royalty.

Justin Welby: the anguish I face over gay marriage

April 20, 2014 UK Telegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested he is powerless to provide blessings for gay marriages because to do so would split the global Anglican Church.

Church leaders deliver Good Friday messages of comfort tinged with criticism

April 19, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney's religious leaders have used the metaphor of resurrection in their Good Friday messages to promote the comfort of faith in testing times.

Let’s not fail to shine light in the dark

April 19, 2014 The Australian: CHURCH leaders have urged Australians to follow the example of Jesus by sparking a light in the dark and “fanning hope into fire” as they observed Christian failures in protecting children and refugees.

Joy of Easter treats

April 19, 2014 The Australian: THE lead-up to Easter Sunday is a quiet and solemn time for Anglicans, but the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, allows himself a little room for humour as his wife, Dianne, prepares her family’s favourite hazelnut gateau. “As I say to my wife, a cake on Easter Day is a very apt celebration — as long as the cake rises,” he says.