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St John’s Anglican Church in Camden will look to sell off vacant land to fund a new church building

December 9, 2016 Macarthur Chronicle: A NEW church to cater for the growing number of young Anglicans moving into Camden could be up and running within three years.

Feds get no say in Vic right to die vote

December 9, 2016 SBS: If Victoria legalises assisted dying, the federal government can't overturn the laws like it did in the Northern Territory almost 20 years ago.

NT Government planning new laws to make medical abortion legal in Territory

December 9, 2016 Adelaide Now: MEDICAL abortion is still a crime in the Territory but likely not for much longer thanks to new laws being devised by the NT Government.

Same-sex couples in South Australia set to get adoption and surrogacy rights

December 8, 2016 ABC News: Bills granting same-sex couples the right to adopt a child and access to surrogacy have passed South Australia's Legislative Council, with amendments to be sent to the Lower House.

Hospital chaplain loses same-sex wedding discrimination appeal

December 8, 2016 The Guardian: A Church of England hospital chaplain has lost his claim that he was discriminated against when his licence to work was withdrawn after he married his same-sex partner, in a case that gay rights campaigners hoped would force the church to change its stance.

Freedom of association: sanity succeeds on Spring Street

December 7, 2016 The Spectator Australia: On Tuesday afternoon, Victoria’s upper house of Parliament voted down the Labor Government’s Equal Opportunity Amendment Bill. The Bill was a direct attack on religious groups in Victoria, as it restricted the ability of religious groups to make employment decisions based on whether a candidate or employee agreed with and practised the religion. The Bill would have restricted religious organisations; churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples, along with faith-based schools, welfare agencies and healthcare organisations from choosing to hire people who agreed with the religion.

Family Court backs parents on removal of gonads from intersex child

December 7, 2016 CHOOSE: A five-year-old child who was born genetically male will be raised as a sterilised female after the Family Court agreed to a ­request by the parents to have the child’s gonads removed.

Victoria euthanasia bill looks likely next year

December 7, 2016 SBS: Victoria looks likely to become the first state in Australia to legalise euthanasia, with a bill expected before parliament next year.

Less than half of US hotel rooms now have Bibles

December 7, 2016 Fox News: Hotel nightstands across the U.S. are starting to empty out. According to a new study by hospitality analytics group STR, the percentage of hotels that offer religious materials in rooms has dropped by almost half in the last decade-- from 95 percent of in 2006 to just 48 percent this year.

Royal Commission reveals more than 80 offenders preyed on Hunter children

December 6, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: More than 80 Catholic and Anglican Church priests and other representatives – including women - are alleged to have committed child sex crimes against Hunter children over decades, newly released data analysis and evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has revealed.

Daniel Andrews digs in against freedom of association

December 6, 2016 The Spectator: The restricting of freedom of association and freedom of religion is back on the agenda in Victorian Parliament this week. As the Institute for Civil Society’s Mark Sneddon wrote a few weeks back, it appeared the push to force religious bodies to leave their beliefs at the door when making hiring decisions had faltered. And indeed it had. But the Equal Opportunity Amendment Bill is at the top of the notice paper for debate during this final sitting week of the parliamentary year.

What Theresa May’s Christmas plans tell us about her faith

December 6, 2016 The Guardian: As the only child of a vicar, Theresa May’s early Christmases inevitably revolved around the parish church. She attended midnight mass on Christmas Eve, and was back in church the following morning, with her mother playing the organ and her father preaching the sermon.

Mexico ‘in denial’ over number of Christians forced out of homes for their beliefs

December 6, 2016 World Watch Monitor: Mexico has a “policy of denial” about the thousands of evangelical Christians forced out of their homes because of their beliefs, according to a Mexican human rights activist.

Our new Anglican Archbishop Geoffrey Smith lines up vision for future

December 5, 2016 Adelaide Now: GEOFFREY Smith is to be Adelaide’s next Anglican Archbishop and he’s already lining up a vision for the future.

Turkey post-coup crackdown also targets Protestants

December 5, 2016 Religion News Service: After a weeklong business trip abroad, American pastor Ryan Keating was detained at the airport overnight, interrogated and then put on a plane back to London.

Salvation Army in retreat on Safe Schools program

December 5, 2016 The Australian: The Salvation Army has backed away from the controversial Safe Schools Coalition after its ­surprise support of the program sparked a backlash from ­mem­bers.

Religious freedoms erosion ‘endangers faith communities’ help to common good’

December 2, 2016 UK Press Association: Religious freedoms in everyday life are being eroded in modern Britain, a new report warns.

People who go to church live longer. Here’s why

December 2, 2016 Spectator UK: Over the last 20 years, research has gradually accumulated suggesting that religious service attendance is associated with better physical and mental health. For example, research articles have indicated that regular religious service attendance is associated with a 30 per cent reduction in depression, a five-fold reduction in the likelihood of suicide, and a 30 per cent reduction in mortality, over 16 years of follow-up.

‘Castro’s death won’t end repression of Cuban Church’

December 2, 2016 World Watch Monitor: The death of Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro will not reduce the harassment and surveillance to which the Church is already subjected, an analyst at the charity Open Doors has warned.

Push in schools to fight ‘modern’ homophobia

December 2, 2016 The Australian: Educators are being urged to look out for a new form of “modern homo­phobia” — characterised by disinterest, disingenuous support or “sham tolerance” — as part of efforts to promote sexual diversity education in schools.