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Princeton Seminary Cancels Award to Tim Keller After LGBT Complaint

March 23, 2017 Christian Post: A week after disgruntled Princeton Theological Seminary alumni complained that Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, should not receive the school's Kuyper Prize because of his church's position on the ordination of women and LGBT individuals, the seminary decided Wednesday not to give the award this year.

Anglicans reveal child abuse confessions

March 23, 2017 Confession should not be used to cover up child sexual abuse, a senior Anglican official says as the church affirms that confessions are invalid if an abuser will not go to the police.

Anglican leaders promise unity on child protection: royal commission

March 22, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Not every Anglican diocese has robust child protection measures, with Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies telling a royal commission the lack of national consistency is "extremely disappointing".

Archbishop apologises to victim’s mother

March 22, 2017 AAP: Sydney's Anglican archbishop has delivered a public apology to the mother of an abuse victim, whose untimely death has sparked a new church protocol in his name.

Peter Dutton working behind the scenes to legislate same-sex marriage before CEO spray

March 22, 2017 The Age: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton - who last week lambasted corporate leaders for publicly supporting marriage equality - has been working behind the scenes to help Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull find a path to legalise same-sex marriage in this term of Parliament.

High school students allowed to pick unidentified gender

March 22, 2017 Daily Telegraph: High school students who do not identify as male or female will now be able to list themselves as 'gender X' on official high school documents.

Syrian civil war: Turnbull gives priority to Christian refugees over Muslims

March 22, 2017 Deseret News: PERSECUTED Christian refugees fleeing Syria were prioritised by the Turnbull government over Muslims — amid security concerns radicalised foreign fighters may try to slip into Australia.

Mike Pence, finding God, and the shifting agenda of Christian music festivals

March 22, 2017 The Guardian: ord Jesus, thank you for dying for me,” says a bearded man in cut-off shorts standing atop a floodlit stage as hundreds of youths look on. “Lord Jesus, you can have my life.” Teenagers in Avenged Sevenfold shirts with bandannas wrapped around their faces bow their heads and pray together. And then the double-time kickdrum drops in, the guitars start chugging, and the mosh pit resumes. This is a scene from Creation North East in Pennsylvania, the biggest Christian music festival in the world.

Southern Baptist leaders stand by Moore after his apologies

March 22, 2017 Religious Intelligence: Russell Moore can keep his job. But only after he apologized for criticizing Southern Baptists who supported Donald Trump for president.

Child abusers stopped from going to church - Yahoo7

March 21, 2017 Yahoo Seven: An offender advocating child sexual abuse has been stopped from attending church in Sydney, an inquiry into the Anglican Church has heard.

Christians under attack: gay rights activists target IBM executive

March 21, 2017 The Australian: Marriage equality advocate IBM Australia is being targeted by ­militant gay rights activists who have condemned the company over a senior executive’s links to a ­Christian organisation.

Anglicare leaders support national redress scheme

March 21, 2017 ABC News: At the child sexual abuse Royal Commission, leaders of the Anglican social welfare charity Anglicare have indicated their support for the national redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. They believe their individual state-based charities could opt-in to the scheme even if their dioceses do not.

New study reveals almost a third of Australians struggling financially

March 20, 2017 Ten News: Those miserable few days, trying to channel your inner Masterchef by whipping up something with a packet of pasta, tin of tuna, and can of tomatoes is becoming all the more common for Aussie households, with it being confirmed that a third of Australians are now living paycheque to paycheque. (And those are just the ones brave enough to admit it).

Gay censors don’t want us thinking for ourselves

March 20, 2017 The Australian: In their campaign for gay marriage, some activists have developed a regrettably totalitarian strategy. It is to target dissenters, gay or straight, and silence them through persistent bullying. It is a strategy where the ends justify the means. The ends are not the formal equality of homosexuals and gay marriage. It is absolute conformity to radical queer ideology.

Shutting Up by Shouting Down: The Worrying State of the Euthanasia Debate

March 20, 2017 ABC News: Last month, I was a participant in a Q&A panel on "Voluntary Assisted Dying" at the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Victoria Congress 2017.

‘There is no pathway at this stage’: Liberal MPs in same-sex marriage backdown

March 20, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has delivered a blunt and public warning to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull not to waver on same-sex marriage, insisting the government "won't be bullied" and telling the country's business leaders to "stick to their knitting".

Miranda Devine: Corporate “bullies” in no position to lecture

March 19, 2017 Daily Telegraph: Bravo to Peter Dutton for standing up yesterday to corporate “bullies” pushing the government to break its election promise and legislate same-sex marriage.

Hundreds of abuse allegations involving Anglican church: Royal Commission

March 17, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Almost 1100 people alleged they were sexually abused as children in Anglican church institutions, according to new data made public by a royal commission.

Archbishop Philip Freier ‘deeply ashamed’ of Anglican Church’s response to child sex abuse

March 17, 2017 ABC News: The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne says he is shocked with his church's "failure to tackle child sexual abuse".

Almost 1100 Anglican child abuse victims nationally

March 17, 2017 Nine MSN: The Anglican Church admits it tried to silence child sex abuse victims and cared more about its reputation than those who had been harmed.