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Aberystwyth University bans the bible

May 22, 2015 Daily Express: BIBLES have been banned in students' halls of residence after being branded "inappropriate in a multicultural university".

11 Christians killed every hour, says Irish bishop

May 22, 2015 Christian Post: Bishop John McAreavey, chair of the council for Justice & Peace of the Irish Catholic Bishop's Conference, told the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade that Christian persecution is at an "unprecedented" high, pointing to statistics that show 11 Christians are killed every hour of the day.

Malaysia’s Anglican bishop ‘no’ to same-sex marriages

May 22, 2015 Malaysia Star: The Anglican church here will not allow same-sex marriages to take place on its pre­mises, said newly installed Anglican bishop Melter Jiki.

East Anglia: damp fens but dry sermons

May 21, 2015 UK Telegraph: It has been nicknamed the most godless place in Britain and now perhaps we know why. When the last UK census singled out parts of East Anglia as having some of the lowest levels of religious affiliation in the UK social commentators were left scrabbling for an explanation.

Ashers ‘gay cake’ decision is a threat to our freedom of conscience

May 21, 2015 Belfast Telegraph: So, there we have it. The State demands that all the bakers in the land must be in favour of same-sex marriage.

How Do We Live Together? The Christian Life in a Fragmented City

May 21, 2015 ABC Online: When I first arrived at the University of Sydney, I met, as one might expect, with the Presidents of our various student societies. Interested in campus life, and the student experience, I asked them something that took them a little by surprise: "What is your experience of diversity on campus? Is this a place where students encounter the other communities that make up this city?"

Christian bakery guilty of discrimination over gay marriage cake refusal

May 20, 2015 UK Telegraph: Court rules Christian-owned bakery that refused to ice cake with pro-gay marriage slogan discriminated on grounds of sexual orientation.

Banned books back in classroom

May 20, 2015 Daily Telegraph: The NSW government has backed down on a ban on two books used by the Anglican Church in Scripture classes.

Faith no more: Britons no longer consider turning to God in death

May 20, 2015 UK Telegraph: The extent of decline of religious faith is exposed in new research suggesting that British people no longer turn to God even in the face of death.

Air Force general Craig Olson ‘should be court-martialed’ for speaking of faith

May 20, 2015 Daily Mail: An Air Force general who recently spoke about how God has guided his career should be court-martialed, a civil liberties group has claimed.

Anglican rejects same sex unions

May 20, 2015 Kenya News Agency: The Anglican Church of Kenya has rebuked organizations championing for same sex unions in the country.

Gay cake case: Bakery boss: “We will not be closing down, we have not done anything wrong”

May 19, 2015 A Christian-run bakery which refused to make a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action at Belfast County Court.

Jeb Bush: Candidate Says Christians Can Refuse to Serve Gay Weddings

May 19, 2015 Time Magazine: Jeb Bush said in a new interview that Christian business owners can refuse to serve gay weddings.

Two South Sudan pastors face death penalty in Khartoum

May 19, 2015 World Watch Monitor: Two South Sudanese pastors being held in Omdurman prison in Khartoum could face the death sentence when their trial continues on 19 May.

700 Kenyan Evangelical Pastors Urge Obama Not to ‘Preach’ Gay Marriage

May 19, 2015 Christian Post: President Barack Obama has been urged by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, comprised of 700 pastors, not to "preach" and impose his views in support of same-sex marriage on the Kenyan people when he visits the African country in July.

French Protestant church allows gay marriage blessing

May 19, 2015 Reuters: France's United Protestant Church (EPUdF) voted on Sunday to allow pastors to bless same-sex marriages, two years after Paris legalized gay nuptials amid protests backed by the majority Roman Catholic Church.

Church of Scotland plan for gay ministers offers possible ‘template’ for Anglicans

May 19, 2015 UK Telegraph: Church of England liberals hail Scottish ‘opt-out’ idea as possible breakthrough for divisions over homosexuality.

Atheist militants who silence Christians are as bad as Tudor tyrants says judge

May 18, 2015 Daily Mail: Atheist militants who try to silence Christians are as intolerant as the murderous monarchs of the Tudor dynasty, one of the country’s most senior judges has said.

Church of Scotland votes to accept ministers in same-sex civil partnerships

May 18, 2015 The Guardian: The Church of Scotland has voted in favour of allowing people in same-sex civil partnerships to be called as ministers and deacons.

Nervous wait for Ethiopian Christians after baptism arrests

May 18, 2015 World Watch Monitor: Seven Ethiopian Christians have been charged with holding “illegal meetings in secret locations”, a charge they deny as they say they have fulfilled legal requirements.