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Enrolments open for the bilingual Chinese Christian School in Chatswood

July 30, 2014 North Shore Times: Chatswood will be home to the state’s first private bilingual Mandarin school, aiming to give students an edge on the “language of the future”.

God Is Not The Only One Watching Over Your Church’s Website

July 30, 2014 Forbes: The other day I was having dinner with an Anglican priest when the topic of Internet privacy came up. As we discussed how websites often allow third-parties to track their visitors, he wondered whether his own church let companies such as Facebook or Google know who visits the site by allowing them to place bits of tracking data called cookies on their computers and phones.

Archbishop reclaims $25m mansion

July 29, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies is set to move in to the Anglican Church's neo-Gothic mansion in Darling Point after the historic property failed to sell.

‘Fifty Shades’ to See Challenge From Faith-based ‘Old Fashioned’ movie

July 29, 2014 Variety: Freestyle Releasing, which generated strong grosses for “God’s Not Dead,” is offering up a challenge next Valentine’s Day to “Fifty Shades of Grey” with faith-based romance “Old Fashioned.”

The Bible in Cornish – after 465 year delay

July 29, 2014 UK Telegraph: It has already been translated into 1,800 languages around the world, including some of mankind’s most obscure tongues, making it easily the best selling book in history.

Labor slams new dole measures

July 29, 2014 Sky News: Welfare advocates warn new rules forcing young unemployed people to search for 40 jobs a month and work without taxpayer payments won't get them employed.

Asylum seeker case collapses due to the government’s move to bring them to the mainland

July 29, 2014 Daily Telegraph: THE High Court case launched by 157 asylum seekers against the federal government has collapsed with a full bench hearing abandoned because of the government’s move to bring them to the mainland.

Iraq Isis Crisis: Christians, Hounded Out of Mosul, Trapped in Desert

July 29, 2014 International Business Times: Seventy-year-old Yacub was among the few Christians who did not obey the Isis ultimatum issued to all Christians to leave the city of Mosul by 19 July. He was too old to leave.

Ground Zero cross can stay at 9/11 museum, appeals court rules

July 29, 2014 Religion News Service: A cross-shaped beam from the wreckage of the World Trade Center can remain on display in the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero, a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, dismissing a lawsuit brought by atheists.

Welby’s unity plea to Pope Francis over women bishops

July 29, 2014 UK Telegraph: The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to Pope Francis in a plea to prevent the ordination of women bishops from derailing plans for the eventual reunification between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

Two Finnish Christian aid workers killed in Afghanistan

July 28, 2014 World Watch Monitor: Two Finnish women working for a Christian aid charity have been killed by gunmen in Herat, Afghanistan; both had worked in Afghanistan for 16 years, having arrived there together in March 1997.

A ban on new church construction angers Sudanese Christians

July 28, 2014 Religion News Service: Christians in Sudan frequently face arrests, impromptu questioning and expulsion. But this month, conditions worsened after the government announced a ban on the construction of new churches.

Separation saddens church congregation

July 28, 2014 The congregation of a Hamilton church divided by a denominational debate on the proposed blessings of same sex relationships spent yesterday's services in separate buildings praying for one another.

New Executive Orders on LGBT Discrimination Don’t Exempt Religious Orgs

July 27, 2014 Christianity Today: An executive order President Obama signed Monday prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination in federal hiring may not immediately affect many religious organizations, but leaders are still raising their eyebrows.

Christians in Wenzhou Fight to Keep Church’s Cross

July 25, 2014 New York Times: As rain brought by Tropical Storm Matmo poured down around them on Thursday, several dozen Christians, weary after a bloody confrontation with the police earlier in the week, stood guard at Salvation Church in Wenzhou, determined that the authorities would not take down their cross.

Anglican diocese assets vital for supporting our flock: archdeacon

July 25, 2014 Central Western Daily: WITHOUT church halls and houses, welfare and support services offered by the Bathurst Anglican diocese would suffer.

Church defectors form new flock

July 25, 2014 A funeral home has opened the doors of its chapel to the vicar at the centre of a defection from the Anglican Church as leaders from other denominations beckon the flock to come in from the cold.

Access Ministries revamps training for religious instructors in schools

July 25, 2014 The Age: The main provider of the controversial Christian religious instruction in state schools has revealed plans to shake up training for instructors, with accredited courses offered through a private college.

Christian in Iran to have his lips burnt for eating during Ramadan

July 25, 2014 Daily Mail: An Iranian judge sentenced a Christian man to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Kidnapped girls’ parents die as Chibok’s trauma rises

July 25, 2014 World Watch Monitor: For the missing Nigerian girls kidnapped over 100 days ago, another trauma has emerged. Eleven of the group of grieving parents have died, many of them after heart attacks and stress-related illnesses.