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Warren Entsch rejects conservatives’ call for ‘right to refuse’ gay weddings

September 30, 2016 The Guardian: Liberal MP Warren Entsch has called for exemptions to discrimination law for same-sex marriage to be “as narrow as possible”, rejecting calls by conservatives to allow businesses the “right to refuse” gay weddings.

Five Turks convicted of killing Christians in Malatya sentenced for life – but remain free

September 30, 2016 World Watch Monitor: Nine years after three Christians were tortured with knives and murdered in southeast Turkey, the Criminal Court in the city of Malatya, where it happened, has convicted their five accused killers, sentencing each of them on 28 Sept. to three consecutive life sentences in prison.

Finally: Killers of Malatya Martyrs Sentenced to Life in Turkish Prison

September 30, 2016 Christianity Today: After a nine-year legal saga, a Turkish criminal court today sentenced five men to life in prison for the torture and murder of three Christians in southeast Turkey in 2007.

Conservative Christians criticize progressives’ ‘destructive’ agenda

September 30, 2016 Religion News Service: Dozens of conservative evangelicals and Catholics have signed an open letter urging their progressive counterparts to “repent of their work that often advances a destructive liberal political agenda.”

My story: Mum and dad are polyamorous ... and I hate it

September 30, 2016 ABC Online: When I was growing up, nothing struck me as unusual with my parents and their relationship: I thought they were deeply in love. They might have argued a bit, but they seemed happy.

How decades of divorce helped erode religion

September 29, 2016 Washington Post: Two widely recognized trends in American society might have something to do with each other.

Crossway Reverses Decision to Make ESV Bible Text Permanent

September 29, 2016 Christianity Today: The publisher of the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible has reversed its controversial decision to finalize the text after tweaking 29 verses.

On God and heaven, Americans are all over the map

September 29, 2016 Religion News Service: Two-thirds of Americans believe God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Why we baptised our baby despite almost never going to church

September 29, 2016 Brisbane Times: The question comes at a time when faith is centre of fresh controversy. The latest Census kicked up a stink surrounding the bit about our beliefs. With the wording of the religion question re-jigged, a conservative Christian lobby group preached 'Muslim peril' was begat by sloppy box-ticking while the atheists argued wanton converts to the Jedi Order risked over-faithifying Australia.

Gender lessons ‘bordering on pornographic’, says parent

September 29, 2016 Manly Daily: A PUPIL at a northern beaches school was left “violated” after being asked to analyse sex scenarios of fictional middle-aged people as part of a personal development lesson.

Josh Frydenberg: Plans for plebiscite still in place

September 28, 2016 CHOOSE: The Turnbull government is standing by its plan for a same-sex marriage plebiscite, despite more Australians now supporting a vote by politicians in parliament rather than a public ballot on the issue.

Don’t treat us as an easy target: Private schools issue warning over funding

September 28, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: The powerful private schools sector has warned the Turnbull government not to treat it as an "easy target" for cuts after Education Minister Simon Birmingham said some wealthy schools may need to have their federal funding reduced.

Gay marriage plebiscite unlikely to go ahead

September 27, 2016 Sky News: The government says Labor is standing in the way of marriage equality after talks regarding the gay marriage plebiscite between Attorney General George Brandis and his Labor counterpart broke down.

Marriage plebiscite talks hit dead end as Turnbull government and Labor play the blame game

September 27, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: High-level talks between the Turnbull government and the opposition on the same-sex marriage plebiscite have achieved nothing but animosity, with both sides blaming each other for a failure to compromise.

Church of England will see 250 NEW hardline AMiE churches by 2050

September 26, 2016 Daily Express: The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE), which takes a hardline position over divisive issues such as homosexuality, currently operates just six churches and one mission but should its aims be achieved the move could create a sizeable split within the church in the UK.

Domestic violence: Six Western Sydney suburbs identified as ‘hot spots’

September 26, 2016 Daily Telegraph: SIX Western Sydney suburbs have been identified as domestic violence “hot spots” by the government as part of a national action plan to curb violence against women.

George Brandis warns same-sex marriage could be delayed until 2020s if Labor blocks plebiscite

September 26, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: Same-sex couples could be left waiting until the 2020s to get married if Labor blocks the plebiscite proposed for February next year, Attorney-General George Brandis says.

When Mosul is freed, Christians may face a new crisis

September 26, 2016 World Watch Monitor: The eventual liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from the so-called Islamic State will end one crisis for dislocated Christians only to create a new one, a religious-freedom expert says.

Food pantry open for business in Granville

September 26, 2016 Parramatta Sun: Anglicare’s Mobile Community Pantry has a new destination.

Scientists finally read the oldest biblical text ever found

September 26, 2016 The Independent: The charred lump of scroll sat in an archaeologist’s office, impossible to read without destroying it – until now.