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Scripture in schools: it is “special” for a reason

July 24, 2014 ABC Online: Chris Ashton says it is a straw man argument to suggest religion is being woven into our public school system. Special Religious Education is "special" because of its limited participation.

A pub with God’s cheer? Anglican missionary group suggests cheaper worshipping options

July 24, 2014 CHOOSE: There are suggestions the Anglican diocese of Bathurst's financial problems may open up new worshipping opportunities in locations such as pubs and houses in western New South Wales.

Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke deregistered by the Australian Medical Board

July 24, 2014 ABC News: Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has been deregistered by the Australian Medical Board.

Public backs Beflast bakery in ‘gay cake’ row, says poll

July 24, 2014 Daily Mail: A majority of the country thinks the persecution of a bakery for refusing to make a cake advertising gay marriage is wrong, a poll found yesterday.

Richard Dawkins defends “mild pedophilia”

July 24, 2014 Salon: In a recent interview with the Times magazine, Richard Dawkins attempted to defend what he called “mild pedophilia,” which, he says, he personally experienced as a young child and does not believe causes “lasting harm.”

Scott Morrison backflips and grants visa to boy who arrived by boat

July 23, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has granted a permanent visa to a refugee who arrived by boat, despite fighting the boy's case in the High Court and signalling he would not be swayed when the court found against him.

Lobby group hits out at Peris over euthanasia comments

July 23, 2014 ABC News: A Christian group has hit out at Labor Senator Nova Peris after the MP revealed she is strongly pro-euthanasia.

IS invades monastery, steals ‘everything’ from Iraqi Christians

July 23, 2014 World Watch Monitor: After every known Christian is reported to have left Mosul, Islamic State fighters, IS, have now taken over a monastery near the largely Christian town of Qaraqosh, 32 miles southeast of Mosul.

Key Iraqi Christian leader: ‘ISIS is worse than Genghis Khan’ | Christian News on Christian Today

July 23, 2014 Christian Post: The head of Iraq's largest church has denounced Islamic insurgents who have driven the last of Mosul's Christians out of the city, condemning their crimes as "heinous".

Bishops’ battle: receivers go after Palmer and Hurford

July 23, 2014 Western Advocate: LEGAL proceedings have been brought against the former Anglican Bishop of Bathurst, Richard Hurford, and current Bishop Ian Palmer by the court-appointed receivers of the Anglican Development Fund (Bathurst Diocese).

Crown Resorts will pump $200 million into charities over the next ten years

July 22, 2014 Daily Telegraph: JAMES Packer’s Crown Resorts is setting up the biggest corporate philanthropic foundation in Australian history.

Persecution of Iraqi Christians a ‘crime’

July 22, 2014 SBS: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the persecution of Iraqi Christians who have been driven from their homes in Mosul by Islamic State militants could be a crime against humanity.

Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent

July 22, 2014 UK Telegraph: For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It's a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about.

Meriam’s permission to leave Sudan still unclear

July 22, 2014 World Watch Monitor: Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the current status of Sudan’s ‘death-row mother’ Meriam Ibrahim’s lack of freedom to leave Khartoum for a new life with her husband and children at his American home.

Developer demands demolition of 19th century church to build carpark

July 21, 2014 Daily Mail: Within the sandstone walls of Sydney's St Matthias Anglican Church, lies over 150 years of history.

Church sex ‘obsession’

July 21, 2014 The church's perceived obsession with homosexuality has seen an Anglican pastor break camp and lead his flock into the religious wilderness and find a new home in the city.

Sale pays dividends: Anglican grammar school fees drop $1300 in a year

July 21, 2014 Central Western Daily: IN the year since the Orange Anglican Grammar School was bought from the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst the school has expanded, but fees have dropped.

Late Bishop ‘preaches’ at his own funeral

July 21, 2014 Daily Express Malaysia: The funeral of fifth Anglican Bishop of Sabah, Rt Rev Datuk Albert Vun Cheong Fui, on Friday, was unique and perhaps the first of its kind in Malaysia - it included a pre-recorded video that was played on a screen of himself preaching forgiveness and giving all to God, among other Christian virtues.

Demolish St Matthias church, build massive Oxford Street car park, says property tycoon

July 21, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Global property magnate Max Raine says the City of Sydney must seize control of the beleaguered Oxford Street shopping strip and demolish a historic sandstone church at Paddington to build a multi-storey car park.

NSW Labor to support same-sex marriage

July 21, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: NSW Labor is set to back same-sex marriage in Australia at next weekend's annual conference, three years after dodging the issue in 2011 by referring it to the federal division.