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13 Reasons Why ‘inspired’ suicides of teens

June 28, 2017 TWO schoolgirls killed themselves days apart after being “inspired” by the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, their heartbroken parents claim.

Census 2016 results on religion, home ownership and mortgages, government aren’t all doom

June 28, 2017 Daily Telegraph: THE latest Census data shows that we are still a Christian country, despite the premature triumphalism of our atheist friends.

Malcolm Turnbull moves to kill off same-sex marriage push

June 28, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Malcolm Turnbull has sought to kill off the latest backbench push for a free vote on same-sex marriage, as Tony Abbott capitalised on party infighting by unveiling a new political manifesto.

Census 2016: Are we losing our religion?

June 27, 2017 SBS: Dean Kanishka Raffel interviewed by SBS on the census figures/

Australian census: religious affiliation falls as population changes rapidly

June 27, 2017 The Guardian: Australia’s rapidly-changing population is more godless, more Asian and far less likely to own a home outright, the results of the 2016 census show.

Case of gay couple’s wedding cake heads to Supreme Court

June 27, 2017 ABC America: A Colorado clash between gay rights and religion started as an angry Facebook posting about a wedding cake but now has big implications for anti-discrimination laws in 22 states.

Liberal MPs ‘secretly drafting private members’ bill to legalise same-sex marriage’

June 27, 2017 TWO Liberal MPs have reportedly been secretly drafting a private members’ bill to legalise same-sex marriage.

Ex-Archbishop Lord Carey resigns after child abuse review

June 27, 2017 BBC News: The former Archbishop of Canterbury has resigned from his last formal role in the church after a review into historical child sex abuse.

Church and states braced for biggest battle on euthanasia

June 27, 2017 The Guardian: With politicians in Victoria and New South Wales pushing for new laws and Western Australia planning a state-wide debate, those who argue assisted dying for the terminally ill can never be safe are facing their toughest fight yet.

Supreme Court will hear religious liberty challenge to gay weddings

June 27, 2017 USA Today: The Supreme Court agreed Monday (June 26) to reopen the national debate over same-sex marriage.

Supreme Court rules for Missouri church in ‘playground’ case

June 27, 2017 Religion News Service: The Supreme Court has ruled for a Missouri church that claimed religious discrimination after it was refused state funds to improve its playground.

No change to same-sex marriage policy: PM

June 26, 2017 Sky News: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government has no plans to change its policy on legalising same-sex marriage.

Christopher Pyne same-sex marriage: Minister’s boast caught on tape

June 26, 2017 Daily Telegraph: PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office instructed Coalition MPs to turn contentious comments made by Christopher Pyne at a closed factional event into an attack on Labor in talking points circulated this morning.

How CrossFit Acts Like a Religion

June 26, 2017 The Atlantic: “You always know if someone goes to Harvard or if they go to CrossFit—they’ll tell you,” said Casper ter Kuile, a ministry innovation fellow at Harvard Divinity School. “It’s really interesting that evangelical zeal they have. They want to recruit you.”

Gay marriage: Christopher Pyne tape reveals government’s plan

June 26, 2017 ONE of the Turnbull government’s most senior ministers says legalising same-sex marriage in Australia could happen “sooner than everyone thinks”.

Appeals Court Rules Against Kansas Woman in Prayer Lawsuit

June 26, 2017 Associated Press: A federal appellate court has upheld a judge's dismissal of a Kansas woman's lawsuit against police the Catholic former nurse insisted wouldn't allow her to pray in her own home.

Peter Kurti tackles threats to freedom of religion and speech

June 26, 2017 The Australian: The quality of public debate in Australia recently has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

U.S. court lifts injunction on Mississippi law seen as anti-LGBT

June 23, 2017 Religion News Service: A U.S. appeals court on Thursday lifted an injunction that blocked a Mississippi law allowing businesses and government employees to deny services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by citing religious beliefs.

Justin Welby asks George Carey to quit over church abuse report

June 23, 2017 The Guardian: The archbishop of Canterbury has asked his predecessor George Carey to step down as an honorary assistant bishop after a damning independent report found that senior figures in the Church of England colluded over a 20-year period with a disgraced former bishop who sexually abused boys and men.

Evangelicals say justice reform should be a top concern

June 22, 2017 Washington Times: A Christian group that focuses on prison issues declared Tuesday that followers of Christ have a duty to repair the nation’s broken criminal justice system, which relies too much on locking people up in order to keep the public safe.