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Turkish public education system to offer class in Christianity for first time

October 31, 2014 World Watch Monitor: The Turkish education system’s mandatory religion classes are not fair to students who do not follow the country’s majority Sunni Islam and must amend its policies, according to a recent verdict of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Gambling taskforce warns of dangers in poker machine rental plan

October 31, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald: Allowing registered clubs to lease their poker machines to other venues will see them shifted to suburbs where players lose the most money, the NSW government is being warned.

Fact check: Are de facto relationships more unstable than marriages?

October 31, 2014 ABC Online: Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews claims de facto relationships are less stable than marriages.

ISIS Militants Plant Bombs Inside Homes

October 31, 2014 Christian Post: A Christian who was one of the last to flee his village in the Nineveh Province of northern Iraq before Islamic State jihadists captured it in August claims that ISIS militants are setting up explosives inside of homes so that if residents are ever to return to the village, their houses will explode upon entering.

Bill Shorten’s description of Christians ‘wide of the mark’

October 30, 2014 The Australian: THE Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton has said Bill Shorten’s speech backing same sex marriage at their conference was “wide of the mark” because of his characterisation of Christians as people who invoke God and Bible to attack blended families and demonise people for who they love.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Drops Subpoenas on sermons

October 30, 2014 Christian Post: Houston Mayor Annise Parker has announced that she will withdraw the subpoenas against five pastors who have spoken out against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, an LGBT city ordinance that some opponents claim would allow men to use women's public restrooms.

New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies

October 30, 2014 Christianity Today: Most American evangelicals hold views condemned as heretical by some of the most important councils of the early church.

Anglicans celebrate

October 30, 2014 Armidale Independent: SYDNEY Archbishop Glenn Davies will be the keynote speaker at a special service in Armidale next month to commemorate the centenary of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale.

Houston mayor drops church subpoenas

October 30, 2014 Washington Post: The city of Houston will withdraw its controversial subpoenas of five pastors tied to a lawsuit over the city’s equal rights ordinance, Mayor Annise Parker announced at a news conference Wednesday

Houston mayor flooded with 1K Bibles, post-pastor subpoenas

October 30, 2014 Washington Times: Houston Mayor Annise Parker has been inundated with between 500 and 1,000 Bibles in the days since she subpoenaed five faith leaders for their sermons to check for anti-gay, overly political rhetoric.

In expansive Pakistan, Christians struggle to find space for cemeteries

October 29, 2014 Washington Post: In this tiny village where most homes don’t have windows and meals are cooked over fire pits, Christians are used to feeling like second-class citizens.

Nigeria Girls Detail Horrific Boko Haram Abuse

October 29, 2014 Sky News: Witnesses lay bare the ordeal of hundreds of kidnapped girls held by militants who demand they convert to Islam or face death.

India minister says no special caste status for Christians

October 29, 2014 World Watch Monitor: India should not extend government job and education assistance to the country’s poorest Christians, India’s social justice minister, Thavar Chand Gehlot, said this month.

Christian Bale: Moses was ‘barbaric’ and ‘schizophrenic’

October 29, 2014 The Guardian: Christian Bale has caused concern amongst some Christian writers with his remarks about Moses, the Biblical figure he plays in Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Exodus: Of Gods and Kings.

Texas Congregation Suing Presbyterian Church to Keep Property

October 29, 2014 Christian Post: A large Texas congregation that recently decided to disaffiliate from the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States over its increasing acceptance of homosexuality is suing to keep its property.

Survey finds 2 per cent of UK Anglican priests are not believers

October 28, 2014 The Independent: As a prerequisite for the job of being a Church of England priest, it would seem not unreasonable to expect a belief in God to be fairly essential.

An eerie calm: Iraqi Christians anxiously ponder their future

October 28, 2014 Religion News Service: Around 70 percent of the town’s residents have since returned. Still, a sense of unease hangs in the air and there’s little work to be found.

Royal Commission finds Anglican Diocese of Grafton was ‘hostile’ and ‘insensitive’ to victims

October 28, 2014 ABC News: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has found the Anglican Diocese of Grafton treated victims insensitively and conducted settlement negotiations in a hostile manner.

Report slams Grafton Anglican abuse response

October 28, 2014 SBS: While the Anglican Church is still digesting a damning report on its handling of abuse allegations, an abuse survivor says it still needs to admit it lied and schemed to protect itself.

Christian right will still turn out for Republicans in U.S. midterms

October 28, 2014 Reuters: If Republicans win control of the Senate in the midterm elections they should say a prayer of thanks for Christian conservatives.