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Hipster churches in Silicon Valley: evangelicalism’s unlikely new home

January 30, 2015 The Guardian: Like many San Franciscans, overpriced coffee is a considerable portion of my weekly budget. One day in Soma, the industrial district home to many start-ups, I came across a flier advertising a free gift card to Philz, a nearby coffee shop. All that was required was to show up for service at a local church called Epic.

Bureaucratic delays put Egyptian convert’s appeal at risk

January 30, 2015 World Watch Monitor: After weeks of judicial runaround, Egyptian lawyer Karam Ghobrial has managed to find and visit his client, Egypt’s most publicly-known Christian convert Mohammed Hegazy, in Cairo’s Tora Prison.

Nigeria elections put Christians in danger of more Muslim attacks

January 30, 2015 Washington Times: Muslim persecution of Christians is at a high tide — and there are grave fears of more sectarian bloodletting as millions of people in Nigeria, which is half Muslim and half Christian, vote for their national leaders next month.

Christian blogger vows to stop wearing leggings, saying they caused ‘lustful thoughts’

January 29, 2015 ABC AMERICA: Veronica Partridge, a Christian blogger based out of central Oregon, has caused an online controversy after publishing a blog post about her decision to stop wearing leggings publicly after they caused men, who are not her husband, to have "lustful thoughts."

Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the Better

January 29, 2015 Christianity Today: Jessica Robertson belongs to a big, unusual family—evangelical Christians made famous by their popular duck-call company Duck Commander and the hit A&E series Duck Dynasty.

Obama dismisses Muslim faith claims, says he is devout Christian

January 29, 2015 Jerusalem Post: US President Barack Obama defended his adherence to the Christian faith on Tuesday in a speech in New Delhi, India.

Ahead of Obama’s visit, India’s Christians start hotline on Hindu harassment

January 28, 2015 World Watch Monitor: President Obama ended his visit to India with a speech referring to religious freedom which has been interpreted as an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's treatment of minority faiths, although Modi was not mentioned by name.

Roma Downey, Mark Burnett to Produce New christian-based TV Series

January 28, 2015 Christian Post: Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are extending their collaboration with NBC from "A.D." this spring to another television series, "Unveiled," the network announced on Friday.

Islamic State threatens to kill Japanese hostage Kenji Goto in 24 hours

January 28, 2015 ABC News: A Japanese journalist held hostage by the Islamic State extremist group has appeared in a new video saying he will be killed within 24 hours unless Jordan frees a jailed female militant.

Women bishops: the Church cannot survive without Evangelicals

January 27, 2015 UK Telegraph: Rev Libby Lane's ordination as Bishop of Stockport is no longer controversial - but Justin Welby knows he must keep conservatives on side if his Church has a future.

NSW church buildings find new life in the property market

January 26, 2015 Sydney Morning Herald: Christian churches across Australia are being sold and converted into houses, holiday accommodation and events centres.

Gospel of Mark ‘found in Egpytian death mask’

January 26, 2015 THE oldest known fragment of a Christian gospel may have been found glued inside an Egyptian mummy’s mask. Experts believe it dates from just 60 years after Christ’s death.

Anglican Archbishop: ‘Allah’ ruling has far-reaching effects

January 26, 2015 Borneo Post: The ramifications of the Federal Court’s dismissal of the Catholic Church’s application for leave to appeal on the prohibition of ‘Allah’ to refer to God in its weekly publication Herald will likely spill beyond the case.

Archbishop of York will not ‘lay hands’ on new male bishop

January 26, 2015 The Independent: The Archbishop of York has rejected allegations he is promoting the theory that female bishops are “tainted” after it emerged he will not lay on of hands on a male priest in a subsequent consecration.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

January 23, 2015 ABC Online: Westerners may be shocked and bemused at the fuss a few cartoons of the Prophet can cause, but it's not like the West is devoid of the idea that some things are sacred, writes Michael Jensen.

Should we have prayer rooms at work?

January 23, 2015 Sydney Morning Herald: Prayer rooms at Australian airports: tick. Prayer rooms at Australian shopping centres: tick. Prayer rooms at Australian universities: tick, tick and tick again.

One of the two Japanese men held by the Islamic State in Syria is Christian

January 23, 2015 Asia News: Kenji Goto Jogo, a freelance journalist, who converted in the 90s, belongs to the United Church of Christ.

Obama meets Wife of Christian Pastor Trapped in Iran

January 23, 2015 The Blaze: President Barack Obama met face-to-face with Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been detained inside the brutal Iranian prison system since 2012, and her two children on Wednesday, affirming his commitment to bringing the pastor home safely.

Should the C of E send bishops to business school?

January 23, 2015 The Economist: The Church of England encourages its clergy to get some management education...

Christian group’s free speech denied over gay marriage conference ban, Government signals

January 23, 2015 UK Telegraph: Traditionalist Christians have a right to ‘British liberties of freedom of speech and expression’, says Government department as campaign group receives apology