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Churches in Melbourne’s ‘bible belt’ refuse to support Muslims

April 24, 2017 The Age: Michael Boss, a Christian man from the City of Casey in Melbourne's expansive south-east, had what he thought was a good idea. He would ask all 105 local Christian churches – Casey is Melbourne's new bible belt – to pledge "friendship" with Muslims to help stop "the growing problem of Islamophobia".

Churchgoer Gove slams Farron for hiding behind his faith

April 24, 2017 Daily Mail: Michael Gove today slammed Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's refusal to confirm he does not believe gay sex is a sin.

Sexualising school kids

April 24, 2017 The Spectator Australia: An extremely disturbing arsenal of social engineering schemes has been lined up against Victorian children and their parents in the triad of Safe Schools (SS), Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RR) and the Doctor’s in Secondary Schools (DISS) programs. Scratch beneath the surface of these three sweet-sounding initiatives and you will find Kinsey-esque child sexualisation, unproven sociological gender theories being presented as fact, and unsupervised GP appointments being conducted behind parents’ backs on school grounds, during school hours. Both NSW and Tasmania have now axed Safe Schools due to its highly inappropriate content and will replace it with genuine anti-bullying programs. But Premier Daniel Andrews has dug his heels in and even supports these schemes being carried out in schools against the express wishes of parents.

Islamic leader calls for prompt execution of Asia Bibi

April 21, 2017 World Watch Monitor: A Muslim cleric in Pakistan has renewed calls for the hanging of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman who has spent seven years on death row, having been convicted of committing blasphemy.

‘Absolute disgrace’: Tim Farron under fire for refusing to answer when asked if being gay is a sin

April 20, 2017 UK Telegraph: The leader of the Liberal Democrats has been branded a "bigot" and "absolute disgrace" for evading a question on whether he thought being gay was a sin.

Christianity needs to be respected: Abbott

April 20, 2017 Sky News: Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told Sky News we need to respect Christianity as it is the 'inspiration' to our civilization.

Kirk in landmark apology over ‘long history’ of gay discrimination

April 19, 2017 Herald Scotland: GAY people will receive a formal apology from The Church of Scotland following its long "history of discrimination" under plans that signal another seismic softening of Kirk policy towards homosexuals.

Our politicians are more devout than ever – so it’s time we started taking their faith seriously

April 19, 2017 UK Telegraph: We don’t do God. Everyone knows that. Even though Alistair Campbell’s oft-quoted aphorism was never intended to be some secular edict from on high – he was actually just closing down an interview with Tony Blair rather than making a statement of principle – it has become one. Plural, secular, Western politics is, or should be, a God-free zone.

Give nursery children lessons about same-sex relationships

April 19, 2017 Daily Mail: Nurseries should teach toddlers about same-sex relationships and transgender lifestyles to reduce hate crime, say teachers.

Social worker criticised after saying christening a baby would ‘hinder chance of adoption’

April 19, 2017 UK Telegraph: A social worker advised a couple not to christen their son because it would make it harder to get the baby adopted.

Safe Schools program ditched in NSW, to be replaced by wider anti-bullying plan

April 18, 2017 ABC News: Former prime minister Tony Abbott has commended the NSW Government's decision to ditch the controversial Safe Schools program, designed to educate students about sexual and gender diversity.

New progressive morality rapidly taking over from Christian beliefs

April 18, 2017 The Australian: As Christians celebrate Easter under threat and persecution in many countries, Christian tradi­tion faces erosion in Australia from an array of forces — the ­failure of its churches and clerics, the march of secularism and the rise of an alternative progressive morality.

May gives Easter address as pope condemns global violence

April 18, 2017 The Guardian: PM urges unity, Jeremy Corbyn calls for social justice and the archbishop of Canterbury speaks of ‘restoration and hope’.

Schools told they should give transgender pupils a cake to celebrate their transition

April 18, 2017 CHOOSE: Schools have been told they should give transgender pupils a cake to celebrate their “transition”, as experts warn that teachers must be trained to deal with an “explosion” of students who no longer identity with their sex.

Australians celebrate Easter Sunday

April 18, 2017 Australians have celebrated Easter Sunday with chocolate eggs, church services and shows across the country.

Easter Sunday: Millions attend church as leaders spread celebration messages

April 15, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: It's one of the most popular days on the church calendar, and it comes with one simple message: celebrate life.

Easter’s message of hope matters more than ever

April 15, 2017 The Australian: Under acute pressures of global instability, economic struggle and the daily grind in whatever form it takes, modern living offers limited scope for deep thinking, contemplation or prayer. Easter, for many Australians, is an exception.

A time for faith, hope, charity; churches agree on Easter message

April 15, 2017 The Australian: Church and political leaders have marked Easter, the most significant time in the Christian calendar, by paying tribute to those who helped communities in Queensland and northern NSW in the wake of Cyclone Debbie and devastating floods.

Millions flock to Easter church services as leaders spread messages of hope

April 15, 2017 Sydney Morning Herald: Millions of Australians headed to church services to mark Good Friday as religious leaders used the occasion to spread a message of hope.

Egyptian forces kill 7 jihadis planning Christian attack

April 13, 2017 Daily Mail: Egyptian security forces killed seven suspected ISIS militants as the extremists met on Monday to plan more attacks on minority Christians, the government has said.