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Young and fit and killing themselves using euthanasia drug

October 9, 2015 The Age: Young and physically healthy people are killing themselves using a drug recommended by euthanasia groups.

One of the earliest Bibles in the world found in Welsh vicar’s dusty cupboard

October 9, 2015 Daily Express: A VICAR clearing out his church cupboard has come across a forgotten first edition King James Bible dating back more than 400 years – and it could be worth thousands of pounds.

First edition King James Bible uncovered at Welsh church

October 9, 2015 BBC News: A rare bible dating back to the 17th Century has been uncovered at a church in Wrexham.

Boy, 12, among dozen tortured and crucified by ISIS in latest atrocity

October 9, 2015 Fox News: A 12 –year-old boy was tortured and killed along with 11 other Christians weeks ago in Syria, in the latest heart-wrenching account of ISIS’ cruel brutality to trickle out of the black-clad jihadist army’s isolated caliphate.

ISIS reportedly cuts fingertips of 12-year-old to force Christian dad to convert

October 9, 2015 Toronto Sun: Survivors told a Christian news outlet ISIS militants severely beat and cut the fingertips off a 12-year-old boy to persuade his father, a Syrian Christian minister, to convert to Islam.

Former UK bishop jailed for sexual abuse

October 8, 2015 Reuters: A retired British Anglican bishop was jailed on Wednesday for exploiting his position to abuse young men, some of them aspiring priests, for sexual gratification over a 15-year period.

Christian Refugees Are Begging the West to Save Them From Persecution

October 8, 2015 Christian Post: Syriac Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Younan has warned that the vast refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria has reached "biblical proportions," and fleeing Christians are begging Western countries to step up and save them from persecution at the hands of extremists.

Marriage debate at serious risk of turning toxic

October 8, 2015 Hobart Mercury: WE are in an abysmal state when the Catholic Church is dragged before the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner for talking about traditional Christian teaching.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Church: What God has Joined Together, Bishop Parkes Puts Asunder

October 7, 2015 ABC Online: Another day, another bishop trying to tell us that the church has had it wrong for 2,000 years.

No exemption in Vic same-sex adoption laws

October 7, 2015 aap: Religious groups won't be exempt as Victoria pushes to end discrimination against same sex couples in adoption laws.

Australia considering other nations for asylum-seekers

October 7, 2015 Yahoo7: Australia said Tuesday it is seeking new countries to resettle refugees in after confirming only four people have moved to Cambodia, which agreed to accept refugees in exchange for aid.

Indian Parliamentarians propose ban on conversions

October 7, 2015 World Watch Monitor: Two members of India’s ruling BJP party, one in the Lower and one in the Upper House of the national Parliament, plan to introduce a Private Members’ Bill, each in their respective House, to introduce a national law against conversion from Hinduism, which would then force a debate in the Parliament.

Ben Carson leads Christians who declare their faith after Oregon shooting

October 6, 2015 Daily Mail: Ben Carson was among those proudly declaring their faith after Thursday's massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

ISIS tortures 12 Syrian christians who cried ‘Jesus’ as they were killed

October 6, 2015 Daily Mail: ISIS militants sliced off the fingertips of 12-year-old boy in a bid to convert a group of Syrian Christians to Islam - but when they refused the terrorists executed all 12 people.

Calculated killing of Christians in Roseburg?

October 6, 2015 USA Today: According to early reports, Chris Harper Mercer, the alleged Oregon community college gunman, asked students to stand and state their religion before shooting them.

Don’t hang all religions with Islam’s radicalisation problem

October 6, 2015 ABC Online: Islam is the only religion in Australia today with the problem of radicalisation, but in our rush to look tolerant, Christian church groups are being monitored. Are we risking the very freedoms we are trying to preserve? Michael Jensen writes.

Christianity is dying out? Don’t count on it

October 5, 2015 ABC Online: Recent predictions (and perhaps hopes) about Christianity's demise in the West have been greatly exaggerated. But to the extent that the faith does disappear, it will be greatly missed, writes Barney Zwartz.

Churches could lose millions in tax breaks under radical national faith register plan

October 2, 2015 Herald Sun: CHURCHES and religious organisations would lose millions of dollars in tax breaks, concessions and hand outs under a radical plan to force priests, rabbis and imams to sign up to a national faith register.

Six churches torched in Tanzania

October 1, 2015 World Watch Monitor: Six churches have been burnt down in northwest Tanzania within the past week.

Hardtalk - with Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

October 1, 2015 BBC News: Zeinab Badawi meets Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali who was born in Pakistan and whose Muslim father converted to Christianity. Most of those fleeing from Syria to Europe are Muslims and this has provoked some tension between Christians and Muslims and between countries in Europe who are worried about the impact of so many refugees.The UN says the number of migrants and refugees arriving in Europe this year has already passed 500,000 more than double the total of 2014. How far has the refugee crisis tested our common humanity?