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Napier priest wins fights with church after being stood down for adultery

October 26, 2016 A Napier priest who was stood down for having two affairs 25 years ago has won his job battle against the Anglican Church.

Christian parents of girl who wants to change gender take legal action against council

October 26, 2016 Daily Mail: The parents of a 14-year-old girl are taking legal action to challenge their local authority's backing for their daughter to transition into a boy.

Court finds ‘f—- Fred Nile’ not offensive language at marriage equality rally

October 26, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald: Seldom does a magistrate use the phrase "you f---ing beauty" in a judgment, or reflect on whether the word "f---" is part of a child's vocabulary.

Remembering Jack Chick: the Christian cartoonist who tried to save us from hell

October 26, 2016 The Guardian: Jack T Chick, the cartoonist and evangelist, died on Sunday at the age of 92. It is probably safe to say that there was no one else like him in the world.

Christian bakers lose pro-gay marriage cake discrimination ruling challenge

October 25, 2016 UK Telegraph: Daniel and Amy McArthur express their disappointment that judges upheld the ruling that their bakery discriminated against a gay man.

Ashers verdict ‘a black day for justice and religious liberty’

October 25, 2016 Belfast Newsletter: The ruling over the ‘gay cake’ discrimination case has been labelled “a black day for justice and religious liberty” by TUV leader Jim Allister.

Rise in legal battles over transgender children’s rights  

October 25, 2016 UK Telegraph: The number of legal battles over transgender children’s rights is rising, as charities say councils are becoming increasingly involved in cases of gender reassignment.

Church bells peal in town retaken by Iraqi troops from Islamic State

October 25, 2016 Reuters: The din of bullets, mortars and bombs in the northern Iraqi town of Bartella was replaced momentarily on Friday by a sound not heard there for more than two years: the peal of church bells.

As a gay man, I’m horrified that Christian bakers are being forced to surrender their beliefs

October 25, 2016 CHOOSE: There are some pretty silly laws on the UK’s statute books. But the Court of Appeal in Belfast has today confirmed one that might be the silliest of the lot: if you’re a gay man, you’re now legally entitled to force a devout Christian to bake you a cake.

High Court sends boy to live with father after his mother raised him as her daughter

October 24, 2016 Daily Mail: Social workers let a mother raise her young son as a girl because they were in thrall to ‘transgender equality’.

Iraqi Christians look homeward toward Mosul, uncertainly

October 24, 2016 World Watch Monitor: Tens of thousands of Christians fled from Mosul and its surrounding towns and villages to Kurdistan when IS seized swathes of territory in summer 2014. Several thousand families have sought refuge in Jordan and Lebanon, while others have left the Middle East to start new lives in Western nations such as Canada, Australia and, in a small number of cases, Britain. Levels of Christian emigration began rising in response to the violence that followed the 2003 US-led invasion and removal of President Saddam Hussein.

Areas with more poker machines have higher rates of domestic violence, study finds

October 24, 2016 ABC News: Our recently published research suggests a link between the number of poker machines in an area and levels of domestic violence.

Iraqi army drives ISIS from Christian region near Mosul

October 24, 2016 Religion News Service: Iraqi army troops on Saturday stormed into a Christian region that has been under Islamic State control since 2014 as part of U.S.-backed operations to clear the entrances to Mosul, the militants’ last major city stronghold in Iraq.

Archaeologists find battle site where Romans breached Jerusalem walls

October 24, 2016 The Times of Israel: Discovery confirms Josephus’s account of the conflict that saw destruction of Second Temple nearly 2,000 years ago, says Israeli Antiquities Authority.

Andrews faces Christian Lobby showdown over sexual classroom videos

October 24, 2016 The Age: The Andrews government is on a collision course with the powerful Christian lobby over new classroom videos that use animated penises and other sexual imagery to educate students about porn, relationships and raunch culture.

Single men will get the right to start a family under new definition of infertility 

October 21, 2016 UK Telegraph: Single men and women without medical issues will be classed as “infertile” if they do not have children but want to become a parent, the World Health Organisation is to announce.

Same-sex marriage plebiscite passes Lower House

October 21, 2016 THE Federal government’s doomed plan for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage has passed parliament’s Lower House.

Gay marriage opinion from Anglican Church: Why I don’t think we should redefine marriage

October 21, 2016 IN A recent opinion piece on Jane Gilmore argued that the Sydney Anglican booklet What has God Joined Together? is a “logic fail”.

BBC star Dan Walker - ‘Of course I believe in dinosaurs, I’m a Christian, not a creationist’

October 21, 2016 Daily Mirror: Presenter Dan, who replaced Bill Turnbull on the BBC Breakfast sofa, talks faith and football - and his wish to some day host Match of the Day permanently

Catholic Church lashes out at Greens leader Richard Di Natale in charity ‘campaigning’ row

October 21, 2016 ABC News: The head of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, Stephen Elder, has lashed out at the Greens, accusing the party of being anti-Christian.