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Queen tells CoE to learn art of peacemaking amid splits over sexuality

November 25, 2015 UK Telegraph: The Queen has urged leaders of the Church of England to learn the "onerous but rewarding task of peacemaking" as they grapple with deep divisions over issues such as homosexuality.

Australia says checks on Syrian refugees could take a year

November 25, 2015 AAP: The Australian government remained committed to resettling 12,000 Syrian refugees, but security checks could take more than a year, officials said Monday.

Cinema company that banned Lord’s Prayer advert lashed by many tongues

November 24, 2015 The Guardian: Equality and Human Rights Commission and David Cameron criticise refusal to screen advert but leading adman says all religions should be denied airtime.

Ban Christmas ads if you don’t like religion, Church tells cinemas

November 24, 2015 UK Telegraph: Cinemas that barred Lord's Prayer advert on religious grounds should also ban all Christmas adverts, Church of England says.

Church of England fighting ban of ‘Lord’s Prayer’ film spot

November 24, 2015 Associated Press: The Church of England is threatening legal action over the rejection of a one-minute film featuring the Lord's Prayer that it wanted to run before showings of the new Star Wars film that opens shortly before Christmas.

My wife’s tears of anger over a Lord’s Prayer ban even Muslims don’t want

November 24, 2015 Daily Mail: Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is not a man easily pushed to anger. Yet this mild- mannered cleric has been provoked beyond endurance by the decision on the part of Britain’s biggest cinema chains to refuse to show a one-minute film of him and other Christians intoning the Lord’s Prayer, which had been designed for screening in the week leading up to Christmas.

Bigotry? Hatred? Christians say they’re tired of being made into the bad guys

November 24, 2015 USA Today: It’s bigotry! It’s hatred! It’s discrimination!

That’s the tenor of the talk these days as powerful advocates try to write protections into law for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.Those advocates, battling against conservative Christians who are staunch in their beliefs of right and wrong, wonder why anyone would deny others their rights.

The Vicar of Baghdad: ‘I’ve looked through the Quran trying to find forgiveness… there isn’t any.’

November 24, 2015 The Spectator: Isis bombs have exiled Canon Andrew White to Hampshire, but he's itching to get back to the Middle East.

Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay

November 24, 2015 New York Times: Last January, Geoffrey Smith, a scholar of early Christianity at the University of Texas, noticed something startling: an eBay listing for an ancient Greek papyrus fragment of the Gospel of John — with an opening bid of only $99.

Richard Dawkins says UK cinemas should screen the Lord’s Prayer

November 23, 2015 The Guardian: The Church of England has received unlikely backing from the biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins after the UK’s three leading cinema chains refused to screen its advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

Archbishop Welby’s fury at cinema ban on ‘offensive’ Lord’s prayer

November 23, 2015 Daily Mail: Britain's biggest cinema chains have banned the screening of a film in which the Archbishop of Canterbury and members of the public recite the Lord’s Prayer – because they say it could be offensive to movie-goers.

Lord’s Prayer cinema ad snub ‘bewilders’ Church of England

November 23, 2015 BBC News: The Church of England has said it is "disappointed and bewildered" by the refusal of leading UK cinemas to show an advert featuring the Lord's Prayer.

Same-sex marriage: When did dissent become discrimination?

November 23, 2015 The Age: The politics of gay marriage have shifted radically in a very short space of time. Until 2011, the Labor Party was firmly opposed to gay marriage. The Coalition was firmly opposed just four months ago.

Scouts to ditch pledge to God, Queen and Australia to become ‘more inclusive’

November 23, 2015 Sunday Telegraph: SCOUTS are set to dump the word “God” in its traditional promise amid claims the religious reference was making non-Christian members “uncomfortable” while turning others away from joining.

Refuge for Christians

November 23, 2015 The Australian: Australia is ready to expand a special humanitarian program to accept more Christian refugees who are fleeing Islamic State as a crucial safeguard in the effort to take 12,000 asylum-seekers from Syria and Iraq.

Child abuse royal commission appeals for victims from The King’s School and Tudor House

November 20, 2015 ABC News: Two of the nation's most exclusive schools are the focus of a royal commission investigation.

White Evangelical Protestants Favor Ben Carson, Survey Finds

November 20, 2015 Christian Post: White Evangelical Protestants favor retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson more than any other Republican presidential candidate and find billionaire Donald Trump to be the most unfavorable, a newly released nonpartisan survey has found.

God banished from Downton Abbey, says show’s historical advisor

November 20, 2015 UK Telegraph: Alastair Bruce said 'panic' over showing religion on TV meant the Crawleys could not be shown saying grace before meals.

Christian group calls for Tasmanian discrimination act review before plebiscite on same-sex marriage

November 20, 2015 ABC News: The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is urging the Tasmanian Government to conduct a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act before a national plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

China accused of trying to ‘co-opt and emasculate’ Christianity

November 19, 2015 The Guardian: A secretive conference to examine the future of Christianity in China is due to take place in Beijing this week amid rapid growth of the religion, which many believe has more Chinese adherents than the 87-million member Communist party.