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Faced with declining numbers, Southern Baptists focus on evangelism

June 14, 2017 Religion News Service: Faced with continuing declines in membership and baptisms, Southern Baptist Convention President Steve Gaines implored delegates to the denomination’s yearly meeting to turn to God and put their emphasis on evangelism.

Church officials push to outlaw yoga in Sydney

June 13, 2017 Yahoo Seven: Church officials believe some of the poses done in yoga may lead to ‘spiritual confusion’ amid a push to remove the exercise from Sydney churches.

The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney says yoga could be banned from church facilities

June 13, 2017 ABC Online: Yoga and meditation classes held in some Sydney Anglican churches could be banned after concerns have been raised that the spiritual aspects of the practices aren't compatible with church teachings. Facilities run by churches throughout Sydney are frequently used by community groups but the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Michael Stead has told Robbie Buck that activities that include a "contrast spiritualty" are no longer welcome.

Inner west yoga ban

June 13, 2017 Inner West Courier: YOGA classes are being banned in inner west church halls because the exercise practice may lead Christians to “worshipping false gods”.

Welby to war on ‘anti-gay’ bishop plot by traditionalists

June 13, 2017 Daily Mail: The Archbishop of Canterbury has hit out at traditionalists who are planting a ‘missionary’ bishop in the UK after last week’s historic vote by Scottish Anglicans to approve gay marriage.

Churches ‘need better protection from terrorists’

June 13, 2017 UK Telegraph: The Church of England is not sufficiently protected from terrorists and should better train staff to stop attacks, an expert in church security has said.

Is It Hateful To Believe In Hell? Bernie Sanders’ Questions Prompt Backlash

June 13, 2017 National Public Radio: A low-profile confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill this week raised eyebrows when the questioning turned to theology — specifically, damnation.

Filipino Muslim saves 64 Christians from execution by Islamist militants

June 13, 2017 The Independent: A Muslim man has been hailed as a hero in the Philippines after he hid 64 Christians from Islamist militants hunting them on the Filipino island of Mindanao.

Gay Marriage: Please Don’t Make Me Get Gay Married

June 13, 2017 Time: The first time I heard the question was a year ago at my brother’s wedding, an occasion where such coaxing is commonplace. “When are you and Christian going to get married?” asked a well-meaning aunt whose daughter married another woman several years previously. “I know it’s legal in New York. Wouldn’t it make your mother happy?”

A friendly smile and cuppa to those who need it most

June 13, 2017 Hills Shire Times: Each month Beverley Dykes travels to Parramatta to offer a warming drink and a listening ear to people at the family and children’s court.

Scottish Episcopal Church in historic decision backing gay marriage

June 9, 2017 UK Telegraph: The Scottish Episcopal Church has become the first mainstream Christian denomination in the UK to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Bernie Sanders Attacks Wheaton Grad’s Stance on Salvation

June 9, 2017 Christianity Today: Trump appointee hearing turns into a religious test for office.

Scottish Episcopal church votes to allow same-sex weddings

June 9, 2017 The Guardian: Scottish Anglicans have voted overwhelmingly in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry in church. The historic move sets the church on a potential collision course with the global Anglican communion and risks fracture within its own ranks.

Trump: ‘It’s time to put a stop to attacks on religion’

June 9, 2017 Religion News Service: President Trump told his political base of evangelical Christians that he would continue to restore the religious liberty many of them feel they’ve lost.

Scottish Episcopal Church to vote on gay marriage in church

June 8, 2017 BBC News: The Scottish Episcopal Church will hold a historic vote later on whether to allow gay couples to marry in church.

Australian Christian Lobby explosion accused pleads not guilty

June 8, 2017 ABC News: The man accused of an arson attack on the Canberra headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) will plead not guilty on the grounds of mental impairment.

Half of Syria and Iraq’s Christians have left since 2011, says report

June 7, 2017 World Watch Monitor: Three years to the day since the Islamic State group took control of the Iraqi city of Mosul, a new report estimates that 50-80% of the Christian populations of Iraq and Syria have emigrated since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011.

Lasers reveal long-hidden Roman frescoes with biblical themes

June 7, 2017 Religion News Service: Ancient frescoes have been rediscovered inside the 1,600-year-old Domitilla catacombs after Italian art experts used laser technology to remove centuries of grit and grime.

The Christian views of May and Farron are way below the radar. And that’s how they like it

June 6, 2017 The Independent: There’s a mischievous, not to say malicious, Twitter photograph of Theresa May circulating this morning. It shows her sporting shoulder pads and severely slicked-backed boyish hair, campaigning in the 1987 general election. On top of it someone has added the words: ‘Curbing the promotion of lesbianism in Merton’s schools starts with girls having male role models in their lives’.

Supreme Court Declines Petition of Marine Convicted for Keeping Bible Verse on Desk

June 6, 2017 Christian Post: The United States Supreme Court has declined to review the case of former Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling, who claims that she was unfairly convicted at court-martial and discharged from the Marines after she refused to remove cutouts of a paraphrased Bible verse from her work station.