Anglican National Super: Superannuation Driven by Christian Ethics

Committed to providing Value-Driven Christian Ethical Superannuation services to the Anglican and wider community.

For almost 50 years, Anglican National Super (ANS) and its predecessor, the Sydney Diocesan Superannuation Fund, has been at the forefront of ethical investment to the advantage of ANS Members.  Even with the challenge of the global financial crisis, the ANS fund has delivered an average return 1.25% higher than the industry average for a balanced fund.

Solid values

ANS is the preferred superannuation service provider to the Anglican Diocese of Sydney as well as providing superannuation services to the wider Anglican community in Australia.

Members of ANS may include anyone employed with an Anglican organisation, or with a select group of other like-minded Christian organisations.

ANS operates in partnership with AMP Corporate Superannuation enabling the ANS Fund to remain personal and faithful to its mission, while leveraging the benefits of being aligned with Australia’s largest Superannuation and Financial Services entity.

ANS is compatible with the Anglican community’s values of being honest and caring. It operates with integrity, in dealings with Members, the public and in the investment decisions it supports.

A different way

Underlining every activity of ANS is a strong ethical investment platform, ensuring that good investment returns are not achieved at someone else’s misfortune.

Investment in socially costly and detrimental activities - such as in the manufacture or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, armaments, gambling and pornography – is excluded.  

Additionally, ANS does not invest in diversified enterprises which own a subsidiary or division engaged in these activities, although it might seem a good financial proposition.

Recently the ANS Plan’s partnership with AMP has brought into play new positive screens for ethical investment such as review of corporate governance, reporting transparency, executive remuneration, OH&S, human rights considerations and work-site safety records.

A united voice

The best investments are in organisations that choose to operate in ways that are not only profitable, but also sustainable in the long term. 

Ethical investment is powerful and encourages organisations to make good decisions which benefit everyone, not just their shareholders.  Some examples are:-

• A world-leading vehicle manufacturer has now provided training and resources for a third party outsourcing provider to address slave labour in a less developed country;

• A global electronics specialist is being challenged about its safety record in a less developed company;

• A multi-national petroleum producer and retailer has been encouraged to improve its worker safety record in developed nations;

• Shareholders are seeking a more active voice in the structure and size of executive remuneration, gearing such rewards to shareholder rewards and overall performance.

Being responsible

ANS, as a superannuation plan within the SignatureSuper Fund of AMP Life, only invests in the global Responsible Investment Leaders range. It is engaged in the pursuit of socially responsible investment (SRI) strategies, targeting industries with sustainable solutions for clean energy, resource efficiency, health, education and water management.

The ANS Plan’s SRI focus is extending beyond shares into fixed interest, bonds and direct property. These directions are supported by AMP in-house research that helps the ANS Fund to remain true to its mandate.

A family fund

Members of ANS are more than just client numbers or account balances; they are members of a family with shared values that works for the common good.

Financial education is also important.  We aim to see current and future Members actively engaged in conversations about their superannuation. Seminars (face-to-face or online) enable Members to consider investment options and strategies and keep up with new information and legislation.

ANS is involved in the Year 13 gap programme for young people within the Sydney Diocese, through Anglican Youthworks, helping them to understand a range of topics related to finance and getting them asking the key questions early in their career.

The Internet provides ANS Members with instant access to detail and resources. Recent initiatives have sought to maximise ANS employee and employer participation through the “My Portfolio” website as well as giving personal account and transaction history views.

The ANS Policy Committee interacts closely with AMP Corporate Superannuation to guarantee that the Plan’s ethical basis is always at the forefront of its decision-making process.

In touch

ANS Members: contact ANS 1300 364 984 or email. You can also go to and select My Portfolio.

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