Hannah Thiem

Final Days: finding hope in the darkest of times

February 3, 2019How to think about death when you don't have any answers

Getting people to your Church AGM - is it worth the effort?

January 20, 2019“It’s important to note that the younger congregations are the future of the church"

Would a Partnership model work for your Church?

January 19, 2019All the benefits of a small Church, with the resources of a larger Church

Can you run a beach mission without the beach?

January 13, 2019Christians not only flock to the beach with the gospel. With time off from everyday life, many use their holidays to head inland to country towns, or to stay and serve their own suburbs.

[SPOILER ALERT] Our picture of heaven is woefully inadequate

January 12, 2019When you start to distort God’s character heaven you paint yourself a picture of a good place that isn’t that satisfying after all.

The harvest is plentiful - but the workers are few

December 16, 2018There is no shortage of paid ministry positions for trainee or qualified ministers. Demand is high. Supply is low.

Meet the third Indigenous student ever to attend Moore College

October 14, 2018"I want to help show forth healthy mission that is truly gospel driven. I think this starts in the local church."

Friendly Reminder: Your missionaries are desperate for your support

October 1, 2018Support for missionaries wanes as their service continues. Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.

The difference we can make in the drought

September 20, 2018"We are all desperate and struggling with seeing any hope but these donations have brought tears to my eyes"

[TESTIMONY] “God changed my mind about fostering”

September 19, 2018 “We looked at James 1:27 in Bible study and asked ourselves, ‘How do we take care of orphans today? Through foster care.’

An 8000km journey to serve God’s people in Gunbalanya

September 15, 2018This is what it looks like for every member of the church to play a part in God’s mission.

How God used a massacre to point an entire country to the gospel

September 12, 2018"God took one church, he put it through the fire, and then he put it on display. And as a result of that, the gospel was spoken to people in the furthest corners of this land."

Sorting out finances as newly wed students

September 4, 2018Thinking through Gods generosity, saving and finding security in Jesus.

8 realisations you will have about your Dad, as told through Bible verses

September 2, 2018All the emotions.

Revenge won’t fix Fatphobia

August 15, 2018A review of Insatiable by a Christian who has struggled with body image their whole life.