Hannah Thiem

What makes ministry worthwhile?

August 20, 2018Ministry in a time-poor world

How do you reach students not interested in student groups?

August 19, 2018Fewer than than 10 percent of Indonesians identify with Christianity

How to: equip junior leaders

August 18, 2018Our key priority is to ensure people are safe and cared for.

Revenge won’t fix Fatphobia

August 15, 2018A review of Insatiable by a Christian who has struggled with body image their whole life.

A third of this town attends their local Church

August 12, 2018What does Church look like for a town of 50?

Rubbish television - What does God think of the War on Waste?

August 10, 2018Australia, we have a problem.

Spiritual community

August 5, 2018It’s Thursday at 5.30pm, and soon the Rough Edges café next to St John’s, Darlinghurst will open, welcoming in the homeless and marginalised for the 22nd year running.

Month long mission with eternal impact

July 26, 2018The team of school leavers have spent the last month on mission working with churches, teaching scripture and youth and doing ministry to underprivileged children and in women’s refuges.

What it’s like to be a refugee living in Australia

July 6, 2018Anglicare Sydney is sharing the stories of refugees through film, to help Australians understand the lives of those seeking asylum.

Almost 50, prioritising stablility, challenged to be sacrificial

June 13, 2018 My tax agent saw how much I was giving and said “WOAH that’s a lot”
And I thought “No, it’s not actually”

Six great podcasts to super-charge your commute

June 5, 2018We are big fans of the podcasts which pastors are putting together! Podcasting is one of the best ways to engage deeply with the Bible online, and there are some great Christian options out there.

Wine, cheese… and God

June 3, 2018There are ways and ways to reach out to our local areas, but one of the strategies chosen by Christ Church Inner West is to invite its community in to talk about the big issues in society.

“TL:DR” - the podcasts revolutionising how we consume the Bible online.

May 20, 2018Alongside recommendations, holiday plans, shopping and socialising, lots of Christians are going online to supplement the teaching they receive from church.


May 18, 2018Freedom18 is a chance to address the legal and moral implications of free speech.

MAC raises up community chaplains

May 17, 2018Community chaplaincy is one of the fastest-growing vocations for Christian workers.