Hannah Thiem

Is freedom of religion a human right?

July 10, 2020There are some who believe a single religious community – undoubtedly their community – would be the best form of society.

[Review] Come, Let Us Sing

June 17, 2020This book is a celebration of music in the Anglican church, the role it plays in our services, and the way God uses the creativity of humans for our spiritual growth and his glory. 

Pandemic pushes Canterbury to launch new easy English service 

June 8, 2020God is in the business of bringing light to the darkness.

Same Kind Of Different As Me is a true story of homelessness, and home 

May 31, 2020An unexpected rescue

How one Church is helping people 970km away

May 30, 2020“It isn’t just a meal we’re giving to that person – we’re showing them hope"

Plug in to live religious freedom discussion 

May 26, 2020There’s still a Federal religious discrimination bill in the works, and it’s something Christians need to understand and be prepared to respond to

The future of youth and children’s ministry

May 23, 2020This is a moment to reflect on the past and look to the future. 

The spiritual impact of social distancing – highs, lows and what we will hold onto post-COVID-19

May 21, 20204 people from different life stages reflect 

Five ways to build up your pastors

May 16, 2020Research tells us pastors are worn out

7 Christian TIK TOKs that will help you connect with a community and praise God

May 15, 2020It’s not just dancing and gymnastics 

Preparing a marriage to withstand a pandemic

May 9, 2020Why does spending time together place our relationships under strain? 

The numbers below the surface of COVID-19

May 9, 2020Numbers have taken on a new meaning over the past few months.

 Scones and chat in cyberspace

April 14, 2020Repurposing gamer technology for the everyday Church

8 simple ways to care for the isolated and elderly in your church

April 8, 2020The important thing is to listen and imagine what life is like for them.

Faith and fellowship in the time of Coronavirus

April 4, 2020The church doors are shut, but God’s still in charge – so let’s continue to love each other and the community with our eyes fixed on Jesus.