Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen, is the author of a number of books and a sought after speaker in Australia and internationally. He is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral. Visit his page here or go to

Easter Sunday: a Certain Hope

April 11, 2009Christians live in hope. But our hope is not a false one that will disappoint us.

Advancing atheism at Easter

April 4, 2009It is sad that society needs to be encouraged to be social. It is sadder still that Christians need to be encouraged to be Christian...

He will convict the world

March 29, 2009

Christian spirituality v worldly spirituality

March 28, 2009Confusion abounds about Spirituality. It is a word used both inside and outside Christianity. But it covers such a wide range of phenomena that we often do not know what people mean by it.

The witness and the witnesses

March 22, 2009

Gambling on Good Friday

March 18, 2009Should shops remain closed on Easter and Boxing Day? Should the TAB open for bets on Good Friday?

He will teach you all things

March 15, 2009

Legalising Abortion?

March 14, 2009Should abortion be legalised? The NSW Government is being pressed to do so. Is this something that Christians should oppose?

Another helper to be with you

March 8, 2009

Shooting the sacred cows

March 7, 2009It is dangerous to shoot sacred cows. We all get upset, irrationally and emotionally when something we hold as precious is attacked.

The Spirit and the Upper Room

March 1, 2009

The Holy Spirit according to Jesus

March 1, 2009Mark Driscoll spoke at our Ministry Intensive Conference and accused us of believing in the trinity of "Father, Son and Holy Bible". It was an intended insult that was meant to offend. But the question remains, are we ignoring the work of the Spirit of God?

Understanding miracles in John

February 28, 2009I love puzzling over difficult parts of the Bible for the difficulty is in my head - not on the page and puzzling over these difficulties gives me an opportunity to change the way I think.

Of flu and fire

February 26, 2009At the end of WW1, 12,000 Australians died in the flu pandemic. But as the epidemic lasted only a few months the rate of death seemed much the same.

When is a TV show immoral?

February 21, 2009It is hard to watch TV without, gratuitous violence, sexual exhibitionism, vulgarity of speech, dehumanising of the body in grotesque forensic murder investigations and comedians who rarely rise above toilet humour.