Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen, is the author of a number of books and a sought after speaker in Australia and internationally. He is the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral. Visit his page here or go to

Proclaiming Christ to Sydney

February 8, 2009The Sydney year starts in February. The long summer holidays are over with. Christmas is but a memory. The work starts in earnest and so we commence the Cathedral programme.

Materialist Christmas

December 18, 2008Christmas is a time when the whole community can agree on enjoying themselves. It is a time of family, fun and food. It is the time of giving and receiving presents and messages of goodwill from old friends.

A Christmas Poem

December 11, 2008Christmas cards often depict a European winter rather than a Christmas message. They are steadily being de-Christianised - moving from "Happy Christmas" to "Seasons Greeting". And when they do contain a poem it would often be a compliment to call it "doggerel".

December Prayer

December 4, 2008Thank you for your prayerful support last weekend as I spoke at The South Pacific Training Event. December is also the season for us to prepare for Christmas in prayer.

Prayer for the Next G of evangelism

November 28, 2008This week I am speaking to university students in Canberra at the first South Pacific Regional Training Event.

Bali Justice?

November 9, 2008At the time of writing Australians await with ambivalence the execution of the Bali bombers. It is widely expected to happen this weekend. Many strong emotions are expressed about this sentence - from outrage that it has taken so long, to indignation that we condone the barbarity of execution.

The Image of Jesus?

October 31, 2008Jesus was human but that does not mean that he was a sinful, mindless and uncritical proponent of an evil culture. His humanity did not include sinfulness. His capacity to see through the culture of his day, to criticise it publicly and to live quite differently is recorded on most pages of the gospel.

Traditions Old and New

October 24, 2008Being old it is neither right nor wrong. Being new is also neither right nor wrong. Therefore being either a conservative or a radical is silly. It is neither right nor wrong to want to preserve the past or explore the latest innovation.

If we want to Connect, we must change NOW!

October 16, 2008This week's Synod was focused on our Diocesan Mission. There is much to praise God for in the work of the last six years. But there is still a long way to go.

The Workings of a Church Plant

October 9, 2008In 1994 our diocesan Synod passed the following motion: "This synod recognises that planting and developing new churches is an effective way to reach our nation with the Gospel and asks the Archbishop respectfully to set up a working party to prepare for the next Synod a report on research into the practice and experience of church planting in Australia and overseas and in the light of that research present a draft diocesan strategy for evangelistic church planting. This report should particularly include examination of research into and recommendations for evangelistic church planting among non-Anglo Saxon ethnic groups within our Diocese."

Why Anglican?

October 3, 2008It is a strange phenomenon when your friends and enemies agree about you. But Sydney Anglicans enjoy this peculiarity. Neither friends nor enemies think we believe in Anglicanism.

Mistakes we can make about Driscoll

September 30, 2008Recently Sydney has had the pleasure of hearing an American preacher, Pastor Mark Driscoll. In a two-week period he spoke in many venues, including the Cathedral. Since that address I have been approached by many people wanting my opinion on Mark Driscoll and in particular on his critique of Sydney's evangelism.

Modern Myths

September 19, 2008Most Bible "myths" are believed by so called "unbelievers".

Distorted Lenses = Distorted Vision

September 12, 2008For the last couple of centuries western civilisation has been looking at the world through the lens of the public media. The prophets have been the journalists as they mediated and explained the world to society, and ourselves to us.

The Foundation of Father’s Day

September 7, 2008It appears that Father's Day is about 100 years old - at least in the USA where it was started.