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Anglican Media staff work to proclaim Jesus - Loud and Clear in our churches and in the secular media. They work through, Sydney Anglicans on Facebook, Twitter and Southern Cross magazine.

“God will bless it” the future for Indigenous Christianity

December 9, 2018Our desire is for God’s glory and for the benefit of Aboriginal people for the future

Archbishop writes: Cherishing our real freedom

December 9, 2018While our politicians may or may not protect our religious freedoms remember that, as Christians, we already have true freedom.

SRE campaign targets values

November 23, 2018A major advertising campaign has begun to highlight Special Religious Education (SRE) or Scripture, in NSW schools.

Kangaroo Valley revolution

November 18, 2018Beyond Festival, to be held from November 23-25, aims to be a space for music, art, performance and faith to meet under the banner of social justice.

God at work in Zimbabwe

November 18, 2018God’s doing something in Zimbabwe. People are doing amazing things there with threadbare resources to change the ministry ecosystem of the country.

[MUST WATCH] Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

November 14, 2018Return to Rowling’s world as the much-anticipated second movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise follows the Harry Potter story arc by taking its audience into more dangerous territory.

6 local churches come together to support SRE

November 11, 2018More than 200 supporters from six local churches came together to allow ministry go forward.

Biggest development in diocesan history

November 9, 2018St Matt's, Manly is building on its land at The Corso.

Real freedoms will end the broken chain of exemptions

November 6, 2018Bad legislation is made in a rush. But when it comes to religious freedom we already have bad legislation and there seems to be no urgency to fix it properly–just a rush to create more.

How can churches guard against green theology?

October 21, 2018How can we save the planet without compromising our efforts to save souls?

[REVIEW] FIRST MAN: Fly us to the moon… or not

October 7, 2018 First Man shows the majesty of God’s creation. But that is not what it is about.

Witnessing to God’s love through grief

October 7, 2018There is a real opportunity for witness in the way that we grieve.

A solution to hunger that is intrinsic to diocesan mission

September 26, 2018The ministry of Anglicare’s pantry vans is booming across the Diocese, with the number of parishes running a Mobile Community Pantry (MCP) now standing at 41.

How should we respond to the deaths at Defqon

September 20, 2018We must all fall on Jesus' grace and mercy

[REVIEW] Ladies in black: Charming and Aussie

September 20, 2018Friendship, discovery, love, growing up and growing old are timeless themes