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Anglican Media staff work to proclaim Jesus - Loud and Clear in our churches and in the secular media. They work through, Sydney Anglicans on Facebook, Twitter and Southern Cross magazine.

The impact of illness on the Soul

June 14, 2019“To live is Christ and to die is gain”

Teachers are vital in schools

June 10, 2019How we live speaks volumes

Grounding fellowship in truth

June 6, 2019Paul’s final words to the church of God in Corinth are well known to all Christians.

Twice a year members from Bobbin Head visit Arnhem land

June 6, 2019Our family in the territory

Virginia Lee shares the reality of living with her husband’s cancer

June 3, 2019Enormous support and hope everlasting.

[Testimony] “Cancer is a personal test of faith”

June 2, 2019"Because it’s pancreatic cancer, I know that means I'm not going to last long."

Election over; what now for religious freedom?

May 26, 2019Now is the moment to continue to press for religious freedom

Four verses that show God truly cares about multiculturalism

May 19, 2019Bishop Peter Lin believes that multicultural ministry should be on the mind of every church.

20 per cent of 1-year-olds have their own iPad

May 13, 2019How to parent in the age of technology

What to do when your Church doesn’t speak the local language

May 5, 2019North Ryde Anglican's first Mandarin service launched at the start of this year

My prayer for God’s grace for our government

May 5, 2019There are some critical issues facing us as a country

The Church that was built in one day

May 5, 2019The new facility has the capacity to seat about 150 with a separate crying room and storeroom.

Meet the hospital chaplain with six years to live

May 3, 2019Anglicare has employed two student ministers: one in a hospital, one in a jail

Praise God for the ministry of women

April 29, 2019Celebrating 30 years of women's ordination

What you are doing for the drought in NSW

April 25, 2019Anglican Aid has raised almost half a million dollars through its drought appeal.