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Anglican Media staff work to proclaim Jesus - Loud and Clear in our churches and in the secular media. They work through, Sydney Anglicans on Facebook, Twitter and Southern Cross magazine.

6 lives saved at Dolphin Beach

October 13, 2019"I didn't think it was going to end well"

Hope grows in Myanmar: “We never dreamed God would do this”

October 6, 2019When God blesses the work done in his name, it’s amazing what can happen.

[Review] Unbelievable: We shouldn’t need netflix to teach us how to respond

October 4, 2019We need to read the signs and respond with empathy 

Historical evidence of biblical conquest discovered

September 29, 2019Researchers from the University of North Carolina, digging at the Mount Zion Archaeological Project, have just announced they have uncovered clear evidence of that invasion.

We can no longer rely on the American “how-to” of Church

September 24, 2019The “how-to” approach of American Christianity was underpinned by the resilience of cultural Christianity.

New Church in growth area

September 22, 2019Thanks to the long-term vision of the saints at St Thomas’s, Mulgoa, and a church planting team from Glenmore Park, this church will be a physical building as well as the body of Christ that will meet in it.

Operation Cruise Terminal: A mission opportunity is about to explode

September 22, 2019What Mission to Seafarers can offer the crews of international freight vessels, who have to live away from their loved ones in order to provide for them...

New training to help recognise and respond to domestic violence situations

September 16, 2019How do you “kNOw” domestic abuse?

More effective together: St Mark’s Granville has merged

September 9, 2019The people of St Mark’s, Granville have welcomed 44 new adult members plus children

Archbishop Writes: Giving voice to the voiceless

September 1, 2019Undergirding these remarks was the fundamental truth that all humans are made in the image of God

Keeping rural families “away from the precipice”

August 24, 2019Local dams are down to 2% capacity, here's what we can do to help

The reason the Dropbox lunchroom is filled with praise and worship

August 24, 2019The first Lausanne conference devoted entirely to Christians at work was inspired by Billy Graham

God has a message for Georges River 

August 19, 2019The region is gearing up for a year of mission

Manchester celebrated for ‘outstanding contribution’

August 18, 2019Simon Manchester, has been given a rare honour as he prepares to step down from his parish ministry at the end of this year.

[In depth] “There is joy in life”

August 4, 2019"Sorry" is an unwelcome word for parents of Children with down-syndrome