AMS Staff

Anglican Media staff work to proclaim Jesus - Loud and Clear in our churches and in the secular media. They work through, Sydney Anglicans on Facebook, Twitter and Southern Cross magazine.

Property SHIFT

January 15, 2018A new program has been developed by Anglicare that offers secure housing for refugees and families fleeing domestic violence.

The Retirement Village of the Future

December 12, 2017Retirement options that are designed, from the ground up, to be a part of the local community rather than isolated from it.

What makes an effective Church ESL Class?

December 5, 2017It must: teach clear language skills, have a time for morning tea and general conversation practice, and also feature the Bible in some way. Some classes feature the Bible in English practice, whereas other churches may offer easy English Bible studies after the class or on another day.

The ice man loveth

December 3, 2017A Mt Druitt man has developed his own small ministry to the community, trying to raise awareness and encourage open conversations about the destructive force of crystal methamphetamine.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 24, 2017Resources for November 25th day to end violence against women.

More Tragic Confessions of a True Homophile

October 5, 2017With unbridled excitement, our daughter came home one day and told us that she had been chosen for the end-of-year play.

Struggling Saints

October 1, 2017There are some disturbing misconceptions about mental illness in Christian circles.

Humanity’s value and dignity

September 28, 2017When the world says some lives are more important than others, the Bible shows us how different God’s view is.

Faith in a Time of Crisis

September 24, 2017Why invest time in reading a book about controversies and divisions within the Anglican denomination?

Back to the Bible on bodies

September 8, 2017These books delighted me in some ways and made me squirm in others.

A prayer for the months of September and October

September 5, 2017The Archbishop's prayer for the period of the marriage debate.

Perfect provider

September 1, 2017What potential ministries could we be part of if we looked further than our front doors?

How to ‘respectfully affirm’ marriage

August 22, 2017For Christians, the words of Jesus are authoritative, trustworthy and good.

Integrity Theft

August 8, 2017What it is and how to stop it.

Never Surrender

July 27, 2017On the surface, Dunkirk doesn’t look that different from dozens of other war films.