AMS Staff

Anglican Media staff work to proclaim Jesus - Loud and Clear in our churches and in the secular media. They work through, Sydney Anglicans on Facebook, Twitter and Southern Cross magazine.

Does prayer work on COVID-19?

April 4, 2020Don't give up on praying.

Care agencies approach to COVID

March 28, 2020"The number one concern is the people who are coming to us, who are under our care"

COVID caution at colleges

March 20, 2020Increased restrictions on meeting due to COVID-19 have sent Sydney’s three Anglican theological colleges into cyberspace.

Is the end of handshaking the start of real fellowship?

March 12, 2020The end of handshaking might mean that our fellowship will be closer

99% of NSW is still in drought

February 28, 2020Only 1.1 percent of the state is now regarded as 'non-drought' 

St Paul’s pastor pushes PTC in person

February 23, 2020Carlingford launched the Chinese PTC in its Mandarin-speaking congregation and formed a group for three months to study the Introduction to the Bible or Old Testament 1 units

Celebrating new life is “chaotically beautiful”

February 9, 2020When it comes to making a public declaration of faith in Jesus, the more people, the more rejoicing. 

We need to change the conversation about adoption in NSW

January 27, 2020Adoption is something we know, perhaps in a more profound way than any other group in society.

Partnering with a struggling African church to produce a translation in three different languages

January 26, 2020Youthworks CEO, the Rev Craig Roberts, got an email from the president of the Baptist Union of Burundi, Pastor Jean Jacques Masabo.

Key Factors to increase attraction and retention at your Church

January 19, 2020There are a dozen factors which influence newcomer levels 

[Review] Faith is not central to Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

December 30, 2019Nevertheless, the values are core.

Rejoice that He is with us

December 15, 2019Jesus is not merely human in origin, but also divine – God with us.

10 year challenge - Church Edition

December 14, 2019Burwood has transformed from a shrinking pool of people who didn't know what to do, to a community reaching out in everyday.

Will 1800 students be trying “mango evangelism” this week?

December 9, 2019Students partner with local Churches to run Christmas events

The massive impact Moore College is having worldwide

December 6, 2019Moore College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate is used to train people for ministry across the world