Jeremy Halcrow

Jeremy Halcrow is a veteran Christian journalist, a former media relations consultant and former editor of [url=""]Southern Cross Newspaper[/url]. He is now Director, Communications and Strategic Partnerships for Anglicare Canberra and Goulburn

Current state of play

January 4, 2011What were the highest rating news stories of the year, and how did these events shape the life of Sydney Diocese?

Five big trends in Sydney Anglicanism

December 27, 2010Farewell! I finish with my traditional end of year analysis of the trends in Sydney Anglicanism thrown up by our site.

Harnessing the power of choice

November 30, 2010The proponents of the ethics classes co-opted the most powerful cultural myth in our society to their cause: an individual's absolute right to choice.

Free artwork and mags for Christmas

November 16, 2010The new Mission Areas have started meeting around Sydney Diocese and they are throwing up some interesting initiatives.

Easter marks end of multicultural Australia

November 2, 2010NSW is the first Australian State to make Easter Day a public holiday, a decision made far easier by the slow death of multiculturalism.

Ethics battle enters final phase

October 21, 2010Concerned Christians should be heartened that the Knight report represents genuine movement from where we were 6 months ago.

Synod votes against Bishopscourt sale

October 19, 2010UPDATED 6PM Bishopscourt will not be sold after the Diocesan Synod rejected the proposal in a close"“run ballot, 249 votes to 218.

Sydney resolute on deacons celebrating Lord’s Supper

October 15, 2010Sydneys Diocesan Synod has reaffirmed its conviction that lay and diaconal administration of Holy Communion is consistent with the teaching of Scripture and "may" be allowable.

Dawn of new mission era beckons

October 13, 2010In what will be a significant step forward for mission in the Diocese of Sydney, Synod has begun debating a far more flexible model for starting new churches.

Ethics lessons: laity beef up opposition

October 12, 2010Any doubt lay Anglicans strongly support Archbishop Jensens passionate opposition to ethics lessons as an alternative to SRE, were buried on the floor of Synod last night.

Evangelism rises sharply

October 6, 2010Connect09 saw a huge increase in the number of Sydney Anglican parishes undertaking street evangelism and door-knocking.

O’Farrell enters ethics debate

September 16, 2010Last Friday on ABC's Stateline program, NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell – who is almost certain to win the election next March – suggested he may not continue with the ethics lessons if he won office at the March 2011 polls.

World aid agency launched for Sydney Anglicans

September 12, 2010Archbishop Peter Jensen has announced the amalgamation of the Dioceses three relief funds under one new brand: Anglican Aid.

Gillard minority govt: what does it mean?

September 7, 2010NSW independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have given their support to provide 'confidence and supply' to a minority Labor Government.

Stop the gambling tsunami

August 30, 2010From international cricket to the NSW Government's pokie addiction, there is urgent need for gambling reform.