Archie Poulos

Archie Poulos is Head of Ministry at Moore Theological College and Director of the Centre for Ministry Development.

Pop Up Church

February 13, 2014What can we learn and beware of in this new feature in society?

Building church with Lego blocks

October 11, 2013How toy blocks can help us think about building the church

Opening up the firewalls

August 30, 2013Firewalls are great at keeping malware out - but do we sometimes misapply that principle in our churches?

Sunsets and hall cupboards

July 12, 2013What to do when it's time for that pet church project to be put to rest

Fear, fishing and evangelism

June 21, 2013How do we fish for men when fear sets in?

The Kodak Effect

June 14, 2013What can churches learn from the rise and fall of film photography?

Jesus Talk - A work in progress

June 7, 2013How can we better bring up the gospel in conversation with friends?

Social fragmentation - does it matter?

May 31, 2013Yet another change in society. How do we keep up and what do we do about it?

McDonald’s in every church gathering?

May 10, 2013Can we learn from fast food chains, as we think about liturgy?

Permission to be honest

December 10, 2012Why is it that members of our congregations can seem to be growing and maturing well and then all of a sudden give up the faith or engage in gross sin?

Respecting Respect

December 3, 2012Respect for others and their positions is something we so easily get wrong.

Launching off Chappo’s shoulders

November 22, 2012John Chapman was wrong!

Just say no

November 16, 2012It is not the usual advice that you get, but saying 'no' to Christian activities grows the size of ministry.

Does height matter?

November 9, 2012Have you ever thought about the effect, on the listener and upon the preacher, of the height of the preacher’s platform above the congregation?

No idea what to do!

November 2, 2012We can often feel incapable in charting a way forward, resulting in us feeling like failures for our inability to get it right.