Russell Powell

Russell Powell has more than 30 years experience across all forms of media, with a long career as one of Australian radio's most prominent journalists and presenters. He was one of the pioneers of the ABC's NewsRadio network. As well as his on-air work, he has taught at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. He is now the CEO of Anglican Media Sydney and the Archbishop of Sydney's Media Adviser.

Former submariner plunges into the Murray

July 22, 2019A home town advantage and ministry experience in both the bush and the city has put the rector of Gordon, the Rev Keith Dalby, into the leadership of Australia’s most diverse diocese.

New Bishop told ‘Go with God’s plan’

July 6, 2019Canon Malcolm Richards has been made the Bishop for International Relations in a ground-breaking consecration in Sydney. 

Preach and paint: Michael’s mob gets the message

July 3, 2019Using painting to communicate the truths of gospel and reconciliation.

Archbishop Glenn Davies travelled 12,000 kilometres to help a student with a maths problem

July 1, 2019Tanzania welcomes Archbishop Davies

Freedom of faith and Israel Folau

June 25, 2019Archbishop Glenn Davies has issued a public statement on Israel Folau and the issue of Freedom of Speech, Conscience and Belief.

78% of people turn to faith before eighteen

June 16, 2019Youth and kids ministry is key to the formation of faith.

Sydney theologian and author among Queen’s Honours

June 10, 2019The former Bishop of North Sydney, theologian and author Dr Paul Barnett is among Sydney Anglicans on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Sydney says sorry and celebrates BCA

May 26, 2019"Give us the courage to accept the realities of our history so that we may build a better future for our nation" the congregation prayed as the service began at St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney on National Sorry Day. But the event marked two important dates.

New Anglican diocese created in New Zealand

May 17, 2019A new Anglican diocese has been created in New Zealand, to be led by the Rev Jay Behan, who is now Bishop Elect of the diocese.

Why we should thank Israel Folau

May 16, 2019You might have had the experience, especially with a mobile phone in hand, of someone suddenly grabbing you to hold you back from crossing a busy city street.

Standing with Israel Folau and religious freedom

May 12, 2019Archbishop Glenn Davies and the chair of the Religious Freedom Reference Committee, Bishop Michael Stead, have been pushing for assurances on religious freedom as the election campaign enters its final stages.

Celebrating the Cathedral’s 200th Birthday

May 9, 2019A centenary of Bush Church Aid kicks off the bicentenary for the Cathedral.

‘Sri Lanka is dear to us all and these attacks have wounded us all’

April 27, 2019Three Christian leaders from across denominations came together with the Sri Lankan community in Sydney for a Service of Commemoration for those affected by the bombings in Sri Lanka.

Praying for Sri Lanka

April 23, 2019A Service of Commemoration will be held at St Andrew's Cathedral on Saturday in the wake of the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka.

Jesus and the Moon Landing

April 17, 2019Archbishop Davies, has recalled the Moon Landing and its 50th anniversary, in his Easter Message this year.