Russell Powell

Russell Powell has more than 30 years experience across all forms of media, with a long career as one of Australian radio's most prominent journalists and presenters. He was one of the pioneers of the ABC's NewsRadio network. As well as his on-air work, he has taught at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. He is now the CEO of Anglican Media Sydney and the Archbishop of Sydney's Media Adviser.

Marriage vote returns Yes majority

November 15, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies says he accepts the outcome of the postal plebiscite delivered this morning but warns there must be freedom of speech, conscience and belief for Christians and others who disagree.

Chaplaincy turns 10

November 7, 2017It may not have been the most significant decision made by John Howard but, after 10 years, the public school chaplaincy program he introduced still makes a difference in the lives of 2000 students each week.

Engaging graciously

October 30, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies has told a national television audience that he and other church leaders would recognise same-sex marriage as law if the postal survey voted for it, but they would continue to uphold God’s design for marriage.

Domestic abuse policy passes

October 10, 2017A policy on responding to domestic abuse in churches has been passed overwhelmingly by Synod, following years of work by a Diocesan task force.

Timeless gospel meets changing world

October 9, 2017Archbishop Glenn Davies has used his Presidential Address, delivered within days of the 500 year anniversary of the start of the Reformation, as a rallying call to stand firm in proclaiming the gospel.

Anglicans help Vanuatu Volcano Evacuees

October 8, 2017A major volcanic eruption is threatening, forcing the evacuation of more than 11 thousand residents of Ambae Island in Vanuatu.

We mourn with you

October 4, 2017A special commemorative service has been held at St Andrew's Cathedral for those affected by the Las Vegas massacre at the weekend.

Our man Isaac working magic

October 1, 2017On weekdays you can see Isaac Kuruvilla in smart business suit performing his duty at the Sydney Diocesan Secretariat. On weekends, he is a different kind of performer.

Praying together this Sunday

September 13, 2017Churches have been urged to set aside this Sunday as a day of Praying together for Marriage.

Assisted suicide opposed

September 8, 2017Anglicans in New South Wales and Victoria have been urged to contact their MPs to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation.

Scots ‘impair’ communion with Australia

September 7, 2017The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia has acknowledged that relationship with the Scottish Episcopal Church has been impaired by the SEC removing gender from its marriage canon.

Domestic violence ‘first priority’

September 7, 2017The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia has condemned domestic and family violence in all its forms.

Synod passes National child protection rules

September 5, 2017Binding rules on all clergy and church workers have been passed during a debate on child protection at the Anglican Church of Australia Synod, meeting this week in Queensland.

Church flees into exile

August 30, 2017An entire Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan is operating from Northern Uganda after being forced to flee from civil unrest.

Coalition for Marriage website launched

August 14, 2017The Coalition for Marriage, the leading voice for the plebiscite NO campaign has launched its official campaign website.