Judy Adamson

Veteran journalist Judy Adamson is Editor of the Southern Cross newspaper and regularly reviews movies and television.

Life as God’s gift

October 16, 2017An ongoing push in Australian parliaments for euthanasia or “assisted dying” has been unanimously rejected by Sydney’s Synod.

Safe Ministry goes online

October 11, 2017Spontaneous applause broke out on the floor of Synod when it was announced that elements of Safe Ministry Training were now online.

Perfect provider

September 1, 2017What potential ministries could we be part of if we looked further than our front doors?

Never Surrender

July 27, 2017On the surface, Dunkirk doesn’t look that different from dozens of other war films.

Refugees, stories and tea

February 3, 2017Cross-cultural workers associated with CMS are helping prepare a new book documenting the lives of Arab women forced to flee their home countries.

Answering the call at Katoomba

January 11, 2017A call to service from the podium of CMS Summer School in Katoomba has been answered, with 18 new missionaries set to go overseas.

Love conquers all

December 27, 2016'A United Kingdom' is a timely, true tale of victory over tremendous opposition and adversity.

Youthworks College on the move

November 29, 2016The campus of Youthworks College will move from southern Sydney to Moore College at Newtown from next year, while Year 13 stays at Loftus.

Sydney mission expands

October 28, 2016Sharing new mission initiatives and strengthening partnerships with Egypt and Madagascar helped make the annual Mission Hour a cause for rejoicing at Synod.

Questions for God

October 7, 2016Churches often have external signs with messages they want the community to see, but the signs aren’t usually interactive...

Reality bites

July 8, 2016When I was a kid, I loved watching The Goodies.

He is Risen indeed

February 12, 2016Don't worry - this is not a remake of The Robe.

The Peanuts movie

January 1, 2016Those worrying that The Peanuts Movie will depart from the original comic in style or story can relax...

Faith in technicolour

September 22, 2015“God’s been driving the project and I’m just trying to keep up!”

Comedy class

August 30, 2015Did you hear the one about the diocesan accountant who wrote his own stand-up comedy show?