David Mansfield

David Mansfield is the director of the Archbishop of Sydney's Anglican Aid.

More Tragic Confessions of a True Homophile

October 5, 2017With unbridled excitement, our daughter came home one day and told us that she had been chosen for the end-of-year play.

Integrity Theft

August 8, 2017What it is and how to stop it.

From Chariots to Hacksaw

June 2, 2017Thirty five years was worth the wait...

My Sacramental Summer

April 29, 2017The sacramental journey of a sacramental bloke.

Laps, the Loo or La-La Land?

March 8, 2017Why it doesn’t hurt to be a little crazy?

The Protestant And The Priest

January 23, 2017The surprising friendship of two very funny but different men....

Literacy, Numeracy and Wateracy?

December 16, 2016Should water literacy be right up there?

John Chapman, Mark Twain and the Twenty Minute Sermon

November 20, 2016John Chapman and Mark Twain both had much and little in common.

Bob and the Bard

November 9, 2016Is it time to ditch Shakespeare and study Dylan?

Grace at Work and the Brand Identity

October 13, 2016How a family was branded by grace and where it led them.

The Church in the Freezer

July 18, 2016How to defrost the saints and set their hearts on fire.

The Church In The Furnace

May 23, 2016Somewhere between insensitivity and intensity is gentle passion.

The difference between a Sky Daddy and Our Father in Heaven

May 1, 2016There’s nothing easier for a popular tabloid journalist than to create a caricature.

The Church In The Fridge

April 7, 2016Is your church a furnace, a fridge or a freezer?

Blood, Sweat and Reason

February 22, 2016A good news story, a story of conviction and courage...