10 links for ministry inspiration

Steve Kryger

I'm taking a break this week, but with lots happening over the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd share some recent articles to inspire and encourage you as you seek to serve the Lord.

Here's 10:

  1. Christianity in Australia - an interesting infographic (and one on giving, too)
  2. Irving Bible Church has created a video series based on the love story of Hosea.
  3. Need to create tickets for an event at church? Here's a solution my church is trialling.
  4. Glory propels excellence. Wisdom from Paul Tripp on avoiding mediocrity in ministry.
  5. If communication isn't planned, it's ad hoc. Here's a plan I've developed for more strategic communication at my church.
  6. Involved in a church building project? A response to 'why are we spending so much on a building'?
  7. 15? 30? 60? How long should you preach for?
  8. Church size dynamics. Keller on church growth and volunteer recruitment.
  9. Social media and relationships. Is Facebook making us lonely?
  10. All working together. Why a church is like a can of worms.