5 ways the gospel challenges us

Archie Poulos

A couple of weeks ago there was a fantastic episode of Compass on ABC TV.

(You can watch the whole documentary online)

It followed two Amish families over a six month period. Over that time these families came to understand the gospel of grace.

They began by reading the Bible in English, moved to gathering for Bible study and went to town to evangelise, and gave their assets to those in need.

This led to them being excommunicated from their community. Their extended family no longer visited, or even ate anything given to them by these evangelists. They lost their community identity, their support network (at a very difficult time), their friends and their source of income.

It made me ask what should we expect of all people gripped by the gospel of the grace of Jesus?

Here are some areas that we tend not to go in working this out.

1. Are you willing to sell up your home in a "safe, comfortable" suburb to serve in another suburb that needs you?
2. Are you willing to have your children attend a school with difficulties for the sake of the gospel?
3. Are you willing to endure a lower living standard brought about because you choose to not have your spouse paid work, so she can minister in church?
4. Are you willing to take a sideways step in career to have more opportunity to serve?
5. Are you willing to give up a day of work a term to join others in church to help run a fantastic seminar in schools?

Before you feel too guilty let me say that I answer no to some of these questions.

There is no trite, and easy answer to these questions. It depends on circumstances, the relationships we are in and a whole series of other things, but I like to ask the questions that push me to the limits as it exposes more clearly where my heart lies.

Because God works to incline our wills toward Him, in the end, it is the heart that matters most. God will superintend the circumstances in His time.