A Prayer for 2018

hannah steele
A Prayer for 2018 image

As we come to 2018, it is easy to be swept up in personal reliance. Our own goals, hopes and dreams. The notion of New Years resolution suggests we can do it on our own. This is a prayer that recognises that we can’t do it on our own, and that that’s a relief. This is a prayer if you feel far away from God, or if you need to be encouraged. If you feel disappointed in the way 2017 went. If you need a reminder that you are not alone.

It’s a reminder that because of God’s love and mercy, our new years resolutions aren’t what justifies us or gives us value. We aren’t defined by what we do, but instead by what Jesus has already done.

There is amazing freedom in that. In salvation, we serve God out of love, not fear.  

Ultimately, this is a prayer that God will be glorified by us throughout 2018.  

Please join us in prayer.  

Lord God Heavenly Father,

We praise your name. You are wonderful, holy and magnificent. You are the King of the Earth. You are filled with power, grace and compassion. Your character is righteous and good. Thank you that we can rely on your character.

Thank you that you love us. Thanks for making us, protecting us and continuing to provide for us. Thank you that we find our value not in what we can do or create, but in your love.

We think about the ways we have failed you, have chosen other things over you or have gone against your ways. We are deeply sorry. We turn away from the times we have been greedy, immoral or unloving. We say sorry.

Thank you that you don’t punish us for the wrong we have done. That you have acted with compassion on us. Thank you that you sent Jesus, to die in our place and bring us to you.   Thank you that in your mercy you sent Jesus to die in our place. Thank you that he came and died and rose again. Thank you that because of him, we can have relationship with you.

Help us to want your glory more than anything else. Unite us under your son. Teach us to love your ways. Help our hearts to desire the same things that you do. Transform us to be more and more like your son. Help us to continuously praise your name. Inspire us to speak of the glory of Your kingdom. Help us to share your glorious ways with our friends and family.

We pray that 2018 would be a year where more people come to know and love you for the first time.

We pray you would help us be bold in our faith in you. Help us to trust you, to live for you and to share the good news of salvation.

We pray that you would change our hearts, so that we want what you want and take steps to live for you. Help us to react with love, to be compassionate and caring. Help us to keep to the truth of your word.

We pray that you would help us to rely on you, not ourselves. Thank you that you have been faithful to us. Help us to be faithful to you.

In Jesus powerful name,