A simple(r) way to record video updates for church

Steve Kryger

There's several reasons why video updates in church services can be more effective than face-to-face or written updates. Here's five:

  1. Everyone at all services hears the same message.
  2. One person is chosen to deliver the message (i.e. the best person).
  3. The update that people heard in services can be made available to those who weren't there (i.e. online after the service).
  4. The update sticks to allocated time (the editor ensures the update doesn't exceed the time limit).
  5. Any boring bits can be removed, keeping the update short, sharp and to the point.

To address the obvious point - most churches don't have elaborate studio set-ups (notable exclusions include Hillsong and Mars Hill Church!). The good news for most churches then, is Call Recorder for Skype. It's particularly useful for recording interviews, or, better still - updates from mission partners. CallRecorder is a piece of software for the Mac that makes it easy to record a conversation on Skype, and then (using other software, e.g. iMovie), edit the video, ready to play in a service and then upload to YouTube.

I'm going to give it a go and we can see if the theory also works in practice!

Question: Have you used this or similar software to easily record video conversations?