Beyond our own little patch

Raj Gupta

Regular readers of this column, and those familiar with some of the work of the Katoomba Christian Convention (kcc), may recall that it was this time last year that I had the privilege of leading a team to run the inaugural Next Generation Uganda conference.

Earlier this year came the request for us to return and run it again. While we were only there for just over a week, we were told that the impact of the training that we had provided was still evident several months down the track.

While the financial cost was not insignificant (20 people ended up being part of the team), it was the intangible impact on my own church that I felt most.

For it to work on the Uganda end, the conference had to be in early December and this meant I was not around at church in the lead up to Christmas. It was a significant and yet immeasurable cost.

However, next week I will leave to return to Africa and lead the second ever Next Generation Uganda conference. Again I have felt the weight of the argument that we are so privileged here in Sydney and Australia. There is such a great temptation to take what we have for granted.

Yet, with our well thought out theology and exegetical approach, one of the contributions we can make to the world is to help them. There is little doubt that so many places in the world want such help, and this remote area in Uganda is just one of those.

On the way, I will also spend time seeking to encourage and be encouraged by brothers and sisters in South Africa. They have deeply appreciated the connection with Sydney Evangelicals over a number of years.

All of this forces me to think beyond my own little patch to the world. And with this is confusion, for just a few days ago another missionary friend was telling me that one of his biggest stumbling blocks was acquiring funding to provide scholarships for the many who want to do PTC affiliated courses, but have no money. The cost for each student is just $10 (I'd be happy to put you in touch if you may be able to help).

Incredible desire for help. Incredible opportunity.

And somewhere it is written: From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

I’m not going to pretend I have all the answers. So do you think there are other ways we can help?