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Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs

by Colin Buchanan

As useful as kids’ music albums have been for children’s ministries the world over, they must also be a rollicking good time for the songwriters and musicians to put together and nowhere is this more evident than on a Colin Buchanan album.

His latest offering, Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs (say that 10 times fast), is a stroll through the New Testament across 13 tracks, taking in sights as diverse as Zacchaeus up the tree, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Damascus Road. There’s a similarly eclectic mix of styles, all linked together by Colin’s usual energetic delivery and a raucous crowd of kids joining in the sing-along.

One song, “The Ballad of Farmer Phil”, will be familiar to Colin fans as a re-recorded track from an earlier album with extra backing vocals from some junior singers, but every other track on the CD is new.

Each song comes with some fun hooks, typical of any Colin kids’ album you care to name, across a number of genres. You have your country blues, you have AC/DC-lite, a bit of pop reggae and ’80s soul funk, and a couple of softer ballads.

If you’ve ever struggled to find a song to go along with a lesson on the Mountain of Transfiguration, for instance (it certainly doesn’t lend itself to song as easily as other stories!), Colin has a nice swaggering piece of 12-bar blues ready to come to your aid. The variety offers something for everyone and a mix for different uses in kids’ ministries and church services.

Of course, the big focus here is linking each of the stories to Jesus, with the big idea being to show how the New Testament is teaching us and pointing towards Jesus as Saviour and King. The CD does that ably, making Colin’s New Testament Big Bible Story Songs a great selection of new material for children’s ministers to dip into, and for family car singers to enjoy.

Colin Buchanan is doing a national kids’ tour on the back of the new CD, in addition to some adult shows linked to his earlier 2017 release, Calvary Road.

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