Books that changed me - Sandy Grant

Sandy Grant

Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis
This was given to me by my mother, and it helped demonstrate the intellectual coherence of Christianity " important for a questioning teenage mind. (Josh McDowell's Evidence that Demands a Verdict did the same on the historical reliability issues.)

Encouragement: the key to caring by Crabb and Allender
What I remember most from this is the helpful distinction between needs, wants and desires, and a stirring towards other-person-centredness.

How to Give Away Your Faith by Paul Little
This led to my first serious efforts in evangelising others. Critically it also helped clarify that faith was not a feeling, but depended for its strength on its object " in my case the God of the universe revealed in Christ!

Decision-Making and the Will of God by Gary Freissen
Faced with claims of all sorts of prophecies and "words of knowledge", this helped me understand the complete sufficiency of Scripture to give me all the guidance I needed. I found this a great help and relief.

The Cross of Christ by John Stott
Given by a friend on entry to Moore College, this helped me see (alongside a memorable student sermon from Mark 8 by Ray Galea) not just why the cross is central, but also that anything that gets in the way of the cross is ultimately unbiblical.

Sandy Grant is the new Senior Canon at St Michael's, Wollongong.