Church life

Praise God for the ministry of women

April 29, 2019 | judy adamsonCelebrating 30 years of women's ordination

What you are doing for the drought in NSW

April 25, 2019 | judy adamsonAnglican Aid has raised almost half a million dollars through its drought appeal.

Community in different languages

April 14, 2019 | verity stead "They are willing to hangout with people they don't understand"

The two places in Australia with a surprisingly high population of Christians

March 31, 2019 | stephen gibsonPrisons have a surprisingly percentage of their population with an openness to God's word.

[TESTIMONY] What it’s like to be caught in the middle between two cultures

March 24, 2019 | tara sing"I think foreigners will readily open their doors but Anglos won’t"

[Indepth] We need more people from different backgrounds to go into ministry

March 10, 2019 | tara singIt’s vital to have a mix of cultures leading our churches

Meet the woman who brought her 6 week old son to the first scripture class she ever taught

March 7, 2019 | youthworks"I had no idea I was going to become a Scripture teacher" 

This Church has gone 13 years without a Building

February 17, 2019 | tara singThe new building will be surrounded by thousands of homes

Archbishop Writes: Taking our biblical rest

February 10, 2019 | glenn daviesThe rhythm of work and rest is a Biblical rhythm

This Church has grown by 550% in 3 years

February 3, 2019 | tara singThe saints at Hope Church Leppington are celebrating

Do the Bible, Colin style

January 28, 2019 | karen beilharzFam! Bam! Bible Jam! by Colin Buchanan

Getting people to your Church AGM - is it worth the effort?

January 20, 2019 | hannah thiem“It’s important to note that the younger congregations are the future of the church"

[Testimony] How a pre-schoolers program helped me come to Christ

January 20, 2019 | "Even though I grew up in a loving home and I considered myself a non-practising Christian, in hindsight I can see that I didn’t know God."

The harvest is plentiful - but the workers are few

December 16, 2018 | mike dickerThere is no shortage of paid ministry positions for trainee or qualified ministers. Demand is high. Supply is low.

[TESTIMONY] Meet the Year 12 student who won NSW Young Australian of the Year

December 2, 2018 | tara singHer faith in God underpins all she does, with her passion for science leading her to improve the welfare of others.