Documentaries: Digital Nation and Growing Up Online

Steve Kryger

In June, I'm giving a couple of talks to teenage boys at a Christian school. I'm going to speak with them about living a life of integrity in the world they're now living in. A world of Facebook, instant messaging, online marketing, porn, sexting, unlimited information and endless distraction.

I'm not yet 30 years old, but my experience of the world growing up as a teenager is vastly different to that of teenagers today. It's been a shock to consider how different our worlds are. Below are a couple of documentaries by PBS that explore how the internet is changing every aspect of our lives, and the challenges for children who are growing up in this very different world.

For more on living as a Christian in this new world, I recommend 'The Next Story' by Tim Challies. I'm reading it at the moment, and it's been a very helpful read. For parents, there's an interesting discussion here on 'parenting in the internet age'. 

Documentary: Digital Nation (2010)

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Documentary: Growing Up Online (2007)

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