Essential Jesus - Online Bible Study #25

Peter Jensen

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s weekly online series on The Essential Jesus (the gospel of Luke). In each study the Archbishop will lead us through the book we intend on giving away to as many people as possible.


Read Luke chapter 14, verses 1-35.

Jesus frequently encountered sharp criticism - which is not surprising because he was a sharp critic of his generation. They put legalism above love; they enjoyed the praise of others more than praise from God; they were generous only to friends who could repay them. But these spiritual failures meant that they did not see the obvious - that Jesus was the King in God's kingdom. They were like those invited to a great banquet who simply found an excuse not to attend. The result was that the invitation then went out to the totally unexpected, and people thronged in from everywhere. The rejection of Jesus led to the massive extension of salvation all over the world. But Jesus once again warns that following him is not going to be for the faint-hearted. Only those prepared to sacrifice all for Christ will be his true followers. Count the cost!

1 What does it mean to hate, 'father, mother, wife, children.'? What does it mean 'to give up all that you have.?'
2 Jesus is not simply giving advice about good manners when he talks about where to sit at table. What is the deeper spiritual point? Does the context help?
3 Was the extension of the invitation to the poor, disabled, blind and lame evident already in Jesus' ministry? Des this have any bearing on our own evangelism?

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