Essential Jesus - Online Bible Study #27

Peter Jensen

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s weekly online series on The Essential Jesus (the gospel of Luke). In each study the Archbishop will lead us through the book we intend on giving away to as many people as possible.


Read Luke chapter 16, verses 1-31.

You cannot serve God and money, said Jesus. These Pharisees loved money, so much that it deceived them. They appealed to the Law. They thought it was on their side in the things of God. But they could only rely on their outward obedience to the Law, because they did not understand the love of money in their hearts. Look, said Jesus, even an unscrupulous manager would manage money better than you do - he would give it away when he needed to. You love it so much that you worship it and cannot be generous. And you bend and twist the Law to make it suit your sinful desires, as in using divorce to commit adultery. And although you rely on the Law, when the Law tells you how to treat poor people, you refuse and so are condemned. Even a resurrection would not wake you up!

1 Why does Jesus so strongly endorse the Law? How is that compatible with the grace he proclaimed?
2 What can we see here about the attitude of Jesus to the written word of God?
3 What is there about the dishonest manager which Jesus commends? Is he saying that we an purchase a way to heaven?

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