Essential Jesus - Online Bible Study #28

Peter Jensen

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s weekly online series on The Essential Jesus (the gospel of Luke). In each study the Archbishop will lead us through the book we intend on giving away to as many people as possible.


Read Luke chapter 17, verses 1-37.

Fair question for Jesus: when is the kingdom of God coming? We already know his two-part answer. First - it is here already, in the midst of you. I am here, and I am the King. Second - the final coming of the kingdom of God at the end of history when the Son of Man is revealed will be sudden, unexpected, catastrophic, divisive. Get ready now; it will be too late then. In the meantime, how should the disciple live? To the brother or sister who repents even many times, extend forgiveness. Increase our faith? Even a mustard seed of faith is enough - it is not how much faith as much as the God in whom you have faith. By the obedience of the servant who deserves no reward. In gratitude for the mercy of God's blessing on you. Forgiveness, faith, obedience, gratitude - these are marks of the disciple.

1 Why is the teaching of Jesus so strong on the judgement of God?
2 Why did Jesus not give the disciples an answer which would actually increase their faith? How much faith do we need?
3 Do we forgive only when a person repents?

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