Essential Jesus - Online Bible Study #29

Peter Jensen

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s weekly online series on The Essential Jesus (the gospel of Luke). In each study the Archbishop will lead us through the book we intend on giving away to as many people as possible.


Read Luke chapter 18, verses 1-42.

Five classic stories. First, the contrast between God and an unjust judge. Even a wicked judge will give in to a widow's plea. How much more God! Keep praying. Second, the self-righteous Pharisee's prayer - which asks God for nothing, it is so full of himself - is not heard. However, the tax-collector's prayer, in which he brings nothing to God except the sins from which he need to be forgiven, is accepted. Third, Jesus emphasises the same point by using a child - only those who acknowledge that they are helpless can enter the kingdom. Fourth, the story of the man who was not helpless and refused to become so - the rich young ruler. The love of money and the trust in self keep us away from God. Then, by way of glorious contrast, the man with nothing -  a blind beggar who is saved by faith in Jesus alone.

1 If we have no claim on God, what are we to make of the promise of Jesus to the disciples of, 'much more in this present age, and in the age to come eternal life'? Is this a reward mentality coming back in?

2 What is the 'much more' that the disciples receive in this present age? How does that relate to the suffering of the Son of Man that Jesus then talks about?

3 If it is harder for the wealthy to be saved than for a camel to go through the of a needle, are only the poor saved?

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