How God was at work in Fiji

The Bula Blog Team

I think I can say on behalf of the whole Year 13, 2012 crew that the month spent away on short-term mission in Fiji is one we will always value. The four weeks abroad was a time of personal growth and reflection and an opportunity to delve into a deeper understanding and relationship with God. The month was a time of humbling ourselves before our great God and recognising His supreme power and might.

The month could be defined as a time of mutual encouragement in the faith. Countless times, God in His good timing allowed me to meet with and share my faith with other believers, and through that He taught me many lessons.

One thing that struck me throughout the trip was the passion of Fijians in their walk with God, especially in their praise and worship. They were hungry to learn from God’s word, hungry to proclaim His goodness and hungry to share their faith. Despite a lack of material possessions, in comparison to Western standards, some Fijians we met were abundantly wealthy in their spiritual relationship with God.

Whilst visiting a settlement not far from Suva I met a woman who invited us into her house. She was in her 50s, single and living in a very basic structure that she called home. Her favourite and most prized possession was her Bible and despite knowing that within the year her house would be demolished due to the building of a road, she was still smiling. This woman, who was living in the most basic of conditions gladly proclaimed that she had Christ, and therefore she had everything she needed.

What I saw in this woman was pure joy, the joy that can only be found in Christ. It caused me to think therefore are we too caught up in the world, in our possessions, in success, in our own lives to be really enjoying God? Are we dedicating our whole lives to His service or are we slotting Christ into our lives wherever we can fit Him? If there is one lesson I have truly taken away from this trip, it is that God deserves our whole hearts. To think that the Creator of the universe desires an intimate and personal relationship with each of us blows my mind. Does such a God therefore not deserve our full dedication and attention?

We have been brought into this world for a reason and the Lord has revealed Himself to us for a reason. As followers of Christ we have been called to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. Therefore the short time we have here on earth is of incredible value, a time for us join in unity with one another and the Spirit to grow the Kingdom of God. So therefore, let us rejoice in the salvation we have in Jesus! Let us not be afraid, but broadcast boldly the joy we have in knowing our Lord and Saviour! As it says in Ephesians 4:1; “As a prisoner for the Lord, then I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”

God is good. His timing is perfect, His plans are flawless and He is always working for the good of His people. 

Charlie Layfield