It is rocket science!

Michael Kellahan

I’m always on the lookout for events that can help grow connections between the local community and the church. There’s a long list of events fitting this bill that get rolled out at different churches - Men and meat, chocolate appreciation, gingerbread house making, how to BBQ...

Well I’ve found one that a mate in England has just done. We plan to shamelessly steal it. It doesn’t have a name that works for us yet but think Science Fair. We’ll build rockets, cut up cow hearts, make things explode and more. All very hands on. I can feel the kids getting excited and the wardens getting nervous all at the same time.

Science is a wonderful discipline made possible by a God who orders our universe. I tire of new atheists claims that they have the scientific method and reason is opposed to religion and faith. While there is a right place for debating that claim, we want to make a positive fun experience of science that shows we are not threatened or frightened by it.

We might follow it up with a mini preaching series on the relationship of science and faith. Perhaps we’ll include some scientists speaking about their faith and their work.

We’ve got nothing sorted out yet so any ideas you have will happily go into our mix. We plan to run this in Spring so I can report back afterwards.



Feature photo: jurvetson