Mini-movies for Christmas

steve kryger

As you prepare your Christmas church services, you might like to include a mini-movie to welcome people to church, to introduce (or challenge) an idea, or to reinforce a truth. Here are 3 new videos just a couple of minutes long that might serve your visitors to church this year. You can purchase these videos from WorshipHouse Media. If you've seen other mini-movies good for church services, please share them in the comments.

Christmas Scale


It's hard to believe that the greatest message the world will ever hear is contained in one simple scale.




God's presence appeared to Moses as a firey bush as well as an earthquake. To Job God came as a powerful whirlwind. The reaction to God's presence was always one of fear but when Jesus came all of that changed. God was now approachable and personal and because of His saving work we can now enter boldly into God's presence.


O Come All Ye Faithless


A reflection on one of the greatest Christmas carols of all-time, “O Come All Ye Faithful”. Perfect as an intro to the song. Based on a sermon from Craig Groeschel.


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