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Ni sa bula & welcome to Suva. 

The mixing pot of cultures by the sea and home for the 78 students & leaders of Year 13. 
After a week in village life which I adored! I was not at all keen for the city and to be back into a culture that was so soaked in Western influence. God in his foreknowledge put me in a conversation with a man named Moses on the bus into Suva. After telling him of my worry in heading into the city, he said "God works in unexpected ways. He will be putting you in places you don't really expect. But He will be working through your team in the city."

And God did just that.
The city was new, exciting and foreign. But after a scavenger hunt on a warm Friday morning, which included but was not limited to eating lots of pineapple, finding fish in the Fish Markets and learning the layout of Suva. We were ready to jump into the work that God had planned for us!
We were able to partner with a number of churches within the city which included running youth group on Friday night at the Holy Trinity Cathedral and on the Saturday we facilitated a Leaders In Training event. This was a time where we together with the Fijians, we were able to learn look at and understand the Bible more effectively! Be praying for the 18 who came that they may be effective in their local churches and that they will understand the Word of God clearly and preaching it effectively!!
I had the privilege of attending the 7:30am service at Dudley Methodist Church where we were welcomed as family, able to serve alongside them and were able to build real solid relationships with the people there! 
We headed next to Homes Of Hope, a women's refuge for single mothers and their children. Doing jobs from plumbing, carpentry, painting and tiling we were able to assist in the construction of a house that would be home for a number of mothers and their children. Whilst we were not able to build many relationships with the mothers, we went away with the knowledge that the work we had done would allow for these women to hear the good news of Jesus as they lived in this home & used the facilities at Homes of Hope. 

Jono Kerr (and friend) helping out at Homes of Hope After visits to the Bible Society in Suva and the opportunity to do some walk-up evangelism, we met with Eleki, a man who once had everything by the world's standards. But with his wife they moved into a settlement and giving up their prized material possessions began to minister to the settlements of Suva. With Eleki we were able to visit these homes and share the good news with people in some instances were just struggling to get by on the tiny income they had. Be praying for the people who we met, Eleki's work as he shares the good news that these people are longing to hear!

I personally found Suva one of the places in the month where I was stretched and pushed the most, almost to the point of breaking. But God was using the 11 days we were there to change the way I view both Him and the mission He has called us all to in our lives.
As Moses said on that bus ride, God put us in places we weren't really expecting. But He worked and through our meek, little team brought great glory to His name!
Vinaka vaka levu (thankyou very much) for your prayers and support throughout our trip. Your support has been greatly appreciated by all of us Year 13'ers!

Until next time, ni sa moce.

Jono Kerr is a Year 13 student from Menai Anglican Church.

The Bula Blog team sends regular blogs from the annual Year 13 mission trip to Fiji. Stories of hope, inspiration and God's grace in the South Pacific.


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