The coming relationship crisis

Jodie McNeill

We are on the cusp of a coming relationship crisis.

Since people can download podcasts from great Bible teachers, and since people can access great libraries of theological books and articles at their digital fingertips, it is more important than ever that our small groups enable people to connect with each other as a context for enjoying and understanding their connection with God.

People need people more than ever.

When we run church, we typically spend around a third of our time hearing the word of God read and taught. Another third is spent singing and speaking to God. The final third is spent speaking and listening to each other.

This trilogy of corporate worship provides an excellent integration between the relationships that exist within the gathering of God’s people.

Yet, too often when we meet in small groups, we focus more on the reading and hearing of God’s word, but dwell less on our speaking to God and each other.

If you spend ninety minutes in your small group, then are you spending at least a half that time inviting every member to share deeply about their own life and experience, and then providing an opportunity for the group to commit the needs of the group members to God?

People are hungry for relationships. They need to know and enjoy their relationship with God. Yet, it is when this relationship with God is grown in the company of others that the full dimension of life-in-the-last-days can be experienced.

Jodie McNeill is the Executive Director of Youthworks Outdoors.

Banner Photo Credit: Bichuas (E. Carton)

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