My local Connect09 campaign

Andrew Nixon

MY next-door neighbour Brian is a great knockabout Aussie guy. A real larrikin who loves a practical joke. He watches a lot of sport on cable TV but I know he also reads. The other day he was reading a biography of a rugby league legend" I wonder about the best way to get Brian to read a biography of Jesus.

His mum Janet is getting older now " I am not sure if she finds reading easy these days. But I hear her listening to CDs a lot " in fact, I even heard "The Millennium Prayer" by Cliff Richard wafting over the fence a while back. Perhaps a CD of Luke's gospel " read by an archbishop perhaps?

Peter and Leonie two doors up have three kids under eight, so the Colin Buchanan DVD is a no-brainer there. That is going to be a great resource " thank God for Colin! Same for Chris and Rosanne's daughter, Crystal. Oh, and little Timothy one door up from her too.

Theo and Helen, directly across from us, are Greek. Like almost one in ten people in our suburb, they speak Greek at home. And they eat Greek: Helen makes the best dolmades ever! Theo went home to spend some time with family in Greece at the end of last year, but Helen couldn't go. I am pretty sure they would listen to Luke's gospel in Greek if I gave it to them. It will be a conversation starter even if they don't listen to all of it " and you just never know.

The gospel in Greek (and as many of our city's heart languages as possible) will be available in 2009 to download from our campaign website:

I'll just burn one onto a CD and get my kids to draw a picture of Helen's dolmades on the front.

Steve diagonally across the street enjoys reading the paper daily but I just don't know if he reads books all that much. I do know he enjoys watching a DVD " our families are swapping movies all the time. The DVD of John's gospel could be the way to go " I really hope we manage to get it in bulk at the right price from the supplier in the US.

Hmmm, that is only half a dozen houses so far, so plenty more prayer and planning required. Still, it's a good six months until I have the Connect09 resources in my hand.

In the meantime, what is the best way to make contact with those in our street I don't know so well? One thing's for sure: the street Christmas barbeque is taking on a whole new level of importance for my local Connect09 campaign!