Elvis and the two posts

Russell Powell

The ultimate mixed bag of media stories this week and although the King is no longer in the building, he left his Bible behind.

First to the Posts, the Jerusalem and the New York.

The Jerusalem Post this week picked up the story that the british Telegraph had two weeks ago , possible evidence of Samson found in Beit Shemesh. The Telegraph reported the story pretty straight "Scholars in Israel say they may have uncovered the first archaeological evidence of Samson". Apart from the delay, the Post had a more skeptical tone, referring to the 'legends of Samson' and saying "Tel Aviv University researchers uncovered an archeological depiction of the story of Samson, or at the very least an ancient depiction of an act of animal cruelty".

The other Post, the one in New York, is guilty of a more egregious error, well told here at getreligion.org. Mind you, the post did have a very interesting feature on 21st Century giving in a piece titled 'Card Swipes in Church Make Giving Easier'.

Elsewhere, Religion linked to BMI in obesity study says News Limited. Look at the picture and you can't really take the story seriously.

'Protestants told to stop gossiping' caught my eye in the Herald Sun. Who says? A minor motion in the Synod of the United Church in Canada. Well, it made a good headline.

Also this week there was a social media backlash at Target over trampy kids clothes.

Of course there was also the King's Bible. Not James. Elvis