Blair does do God now

Russell Powell

Tony Blair has been speaking out this week on the subject he was most reticent about while in office.

Recently he said he once wanted to end an address to the nation with the words “God bless Britain”, but civil servants objected.

Now, at an appearance with Rowan Williams, he "laughed off the way in which his former press secretary Alastair Campbell advised him to avoid discussing religion when he was in power as he made his most explicit public profession of faith" according to the UK Telegraph.

Actually, the best coverage was in The Guardian, a paper not known for its sympathetic treatment of christian stories (check out the comments for what their readers think). The Guardian summed it up "Even in this politician's afterlife, his religious beliefs had a vagueness about them". It's worth a read.

Also this week, the Australian uncovered the 'Postcodes of Piety' and the suburbs where gay marriage is unpopular.

Overseas, the Batman movie massacre coverage featured the faith-based comments of Mitt Romney,  the reaction of local churches and one Christian reaching out to the people of Aurora.

Also, after last week's opinion piece by Ross Douthat in the New York Times on 'Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?', he got some support from Tim Stanley in the UK Telegraph