Britain burns and Wall Street sinks

There's no escaping the two top stories of the week. While the cause of the Wall Street crash seems obvious, the reason for the riots is less clear.

There's a dearth of decent analysis in the papers. There's plenty of action reporting of the rioting but not much else. I learned more from reading this report from Paul Perkin, vicar of St Mark's, Battersea Rise, than from two days worth of newspapers. I've since found this excellent Christian response from Mike Ovey.

In Australia, there was an interestingly timed announcement by the labour senator Penny Wong that her female partner is expecting a baby. The Senator says It is not a political statement. But the Age reports the baby is due in December, the same month as the Labour national conference, which will discuss gay marriage. According to the newspaper Senator Wong "intends to be at the discussion in the weeks leading up to the birth of her child."

The high court challenge against chaplains in schools has begun, there's a good background story here

John Stott's funeral was held in London, there's a report here, pictures here and coverage of the Canadian memorial service, with JI Packer, here. The photo I found particularly poignant was this one, Stott's coffin being carried out through the doors of the church where he was converted and where he laboured in the Gospel for some many years.

Other stories to note, the Islam billboards have hit the US, in Israel they are digging up the Bible's bad guys and is this the future when the morning-after pill hits Australia?






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