Creating slaves to the screen

Russell Powell

I am no technophobe, far from it, I have an i-everything. But this week's news reports several worrying trends.

The effect of constant stimulation - The screens that are stealing childhood in the SMH has psychiatrists and paediatricians worried about the "almost obsessive pull" of screens for children. From ipads to mini-dvd screens, they are the 21st century baby-sitter. I've even seen prams fitted with dvd players. As the article says, parents of my generation used to worry only about TV use. Now "school students' screen use may begin at home with TV in the morning, continue with interactive whiteboards, laptops and computers in class, smartphones at lunch and on the bus, and continue at home with TV, computer, phone and tablet." Even mothers are not immune. The labour party has launched a new initiative to try to reach 'internet mums' spending hours per day on facebook.

The effect of the wrong kind of stimulation - in his tech blog this week, Steve Kryger talks about research on kids as young as 11 accessing pornography. The Daily Mail follows up on how damaging those images can be on young minds. As they get older, CNN has a story that claims 'arousal addiction' is causing 'The Demise of Guys'. Josh McDowall goes further, saying pornography is the 'church's number 1 threat'. McDowall has launched a web site - and the launch video is compelling.

Al Mohler weighed in this week as well - with the start of a series on The Seduction of Pornography and the Integrity of Christian Marriage.

Other articles to catch up on this week, in the London Telegraph - Archbishop of Canterbury's selection panel 'dominated by liberals’, the SMH says one in 10 Australians believes the world will end this year and Rick Lewers lands in Armidale.