Fast and furious top five

Russell Powell

The breaking news came so thick and fast this week, it is hard to pick the top five stories.

Here goes.

Same sex marriage voted down. This story was hard to find in that form on many of the news web sites. Journos seemed more intent on generating outrage over Cory Bernardi that the bigger story of the actual vote was buried.

Pastor Nadarkhani speaks about his release from prison. He has already served 3 years in prison. Now his lawyer faces 9 years jail for helping Nadarkhani and others.

Obscure papyrus fragment turned into Dan-Brown type conspiracy theory of a married Jesus. The Atlantic gives some perspective. Al Mohler also has a good mediawatch on the coverage of the storm in a papyrus cup.

George Pell praises Peter Jensen. The cardinal says the Archbishop has been in 'top form' (on Q and A)

and the Bible inspires a soap opera. Would you adam and eve it?