Get set for gay November

The media agenda is already being turned toward gay issues, with just over a month till the ALP conference. The homosexual lobby is turning on all the pressure it can, before the conference votes on same-sex marriage.

The news links this week include stories from both home and abroad on what has tuned into a liberal cause célèbre.

First, from Australia, the call for an ALP conscience vote and the Queensland private members bill which even supporters are calling 'a stunt'.

(By the way, the Australian Christian Lobby have just released a video and a petition calling for same-sex marriage to be rejected. Sydney Synod voted the same way just two weeks ago)

Overseas, a taste of what may come in Australia, when even expressing a view on Facebook, can endanger your job. This is frightening. No wonder that a former British minister is accusing the government of double standards.

There's also a one-sided debate going on about the findings of a study, which says therapy can be successful for homosexuals wanting to change. Here's an example of the coverage.

The Muslim organisation MyPeace is in the news again. Their commercials go to air as Pastor Nadarkhani's fate is still in the balance, and Muslims in Malaysia rally against Christians.

Finally, some other stories you should know about - a concerning report about Sydney's cocaine blizzard, Steve Jobs struggled with the big questions and my media roundup equivalent of a fluffy animal story - you know the TV commercial about angels falling to earth, attracted by a male deodorant? It has been banned in South Africa because it is supposedly offensive to Christians. I'm don't hate it because I'm a Christian - I'm offended because I have a brain. Why can't TV ads be clever - like this one.


Russell Powell has more than 30 years experience across all forms of media, with a long career as one of Australian radio's most prominent journalists and presenters. He was one of the pioneers of the ABC's NewsRadio network. As well as his on-air work, he has taught at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. He is now the CEO of Anglican Media Sydney and the Archbishop of Sydney's Media Adviser.


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