Getting gold from ghouls

Russell Powell

Hard hit retailers tried their utmost this week to talk up Halloween.

You used to only see it in the dollar shops where they'd stock up on cheap horror masks and out of date sweets every October 31st. But now the retail frenzy over Halloween is everywhere, chain stores and all. 

The Australian National Retailers Association began the week with the claim that halloween "is nearly as important as Easter and Christmas for retailers".  

The Bishop of South Sydney, Robert Forsyth, responded with the pithy comment that "Halloween is a made up festival about death, Easter is a real world festival about life."

Despite the beat up by the retailers, I notice the Herald Sun's online poll of parents is still running 3 to 1 against Halloween.

Other stories in our speed read of the headlines, you must read Christian journalist Martin Bashir in the Daily Mail getting stuck into the Archbishop of Canterbury for "the most foggy and frustrating presentation of the Christian faith we’ve probably ever heard from such a senior cleric." Over at the Telegraph, unnamed commentators hit out at the “cloak and dagger” procedure to choose a new Archbishop.

There's more on the plans for a second casino despite the tragedy of gambling being highlighted here. As Karin Sowada blogged here, do we need or even want a second casino?

In The Age, concern about a new definition of 'brain dead' and in the Telegraph a good article about the persecution of Christians where the writer makes the point that "Christians are targeted in greater numbers than any other faith group on earth".

I wish I could say happy weekend reading but that last article is anything but...