Goodbye atheists, y’all come back

Russell Powell

The atheist convention is over for another year and I, for one, want them back next year.

The opportunities for gospel conversations always open up whenever Richard Dawkins is around and the atheist lobby hasn't twigged to the fact that for Christians, the only thing worse than being argued with, is not being argued with.

Besides, after the first flush of excitement last year about the new atheists, the fault lines are starting to open up. If you think Christianity is divided, you should see atheism. Even Philip Adams distances himself from Dawkins.

On the other side, there were some good ripostes in blogs and various online outlets. Here's a few worth a read - Daniel survivesFive irrational myths peddled by lazy atheists, and Matt Busby Andrews' historical survey of Darwin's racist views.

Otherwise it was a quiet week, but worth noting that the FCA meeting starts in London on Monday (updates to come on,  Charles Colson is critically ill and Christchurch has gone for a cardboard cathedral (that doesn't even qualify as a rain shelter does it?)