It’s official - we get a raw deal

Russell Powell

The official verdict is that Christians are downtrodden, at least in Britain.

There are two stories in our top five round up on this subject. First, a committee of MPs and peers has concluded Britain is failing to protect the rights of Christians. The UK Telegraph cites several recent examples of workplace persecution. Second, the BBC director general puts his hands up to the fact that Christianity gets tougher treatment than other religions. Why? Because the complaints are different. Here's the key quote - “Without question, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms’, is different from, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write’. This definitely raises the stakes.”

Speaking of media coverage and threats, I can't believe the coverage given the story of two Australian academics who wrote a paper saying that so-called 'after-birth abortion' is not logically different to pre-birth killing. How was this covered? Let me give you the headlines and some quotes -

Anti-abortion fanatics are threatening free speech, warns academic

"Death threats to philosophers writing on 'after-birth abortion' curb academic discussion, says Journal of Medical Ethics editor" The Guardian

Abortion paper led to death threats

"TWO Melbourne academics have received death threats after writing a theoretical paper that argues killing a newborn baby should be allowed in cases where an abortion would have been granted." The Age

Ethicist gets hate mail

A Melbourne academic has triggered an ethical storm by suggesting it is acceptable to kill newborns in so-called after-birth abortions if parents do not want them. "The West Australian"

Am I missing something? What's the story here - what the academics have said or that they get hate mail (which is nothing new to either sides of the debate)? 

The clichés were out in the Kevin Rudd story. Here's a sample of the coverage of his church appearance the morning before the ballot "At first he invoked people power, but yesterday Kevin Rudd turned to divine intervention as he realised his worldly support was slipping away."

The Age's atheist columnist Dick Gross wrote in breathless terms about Alain de Botton while Steve Kryger had a nice piece in The Punch. The headline, "God I’m sick of comedians laughing at religion" doesn't do it justice.

Other top stories: Four Corners on forced adoption, a Brazilian bishop known for his courageous stand against liberalism is murdered, and biblical archeology stories everywhere - here, here and here.