Nigerian churches still reeling

Russell Powell

News of another massacre in Nigeria is the worst story of the week.

50 members of the Church of Christ in Nigeria were burned to death after they took refuge in a pastor's home. The pastor and his wife and children also died.

Persecution monitors, Baptist Press and the Christian Post reported the massacre extensively - I found very little in the mainstream press. Christian Post also had this grisly story which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the muslim world.

In a recent Southern Cross, Anglican Aid's David Mansfield told the story of awarding an achievement certificate to a young girl who was under threat of infanticide, just a decade ago. This week, I saw a story in the Sydney Morning Herald which peeled the lid off this appalling practice.

After last week's meeting of the ultra-liberal Episcopal Church, Ross Douthat wrote an influential piece in the New York Times, headlined Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved? Well worth a read.

Plenty of back and forth on gay marriage again this week. The most significant is Elton John's admission about his son, born by surrogate. In his words "It’s going to be heartbreaking for him to grow up and realise he hasn’t got a mummy". Yes. Obviously. Even the Sydney Morning Herald said this week Marriage leads to children - gay marriage leads to surrogacy.

Also worth reading, Brazil's evangelical Christians on the march, Wednesday church services in USA Today and the author of an unfavourable study on gay parents is hit by a backlash.