Queen trumps Bishop

Russell Powell

This is my first media roundup for 2012 and I am surprised to find the year beginning much as 2011 ended, with people talking about the Queen's Christmas message.

At the end of last year I posted the Queen's Christmas message on the front page of the site. I did so because of the many people who'd rung or emailed to ask whether I had seen it. They had been shocked that it was so explicitly Christian. One person suggested it was because it is the only speech she writes herself and the spin doctors don't have a chance to get at it. I don't know whether that's right, but what the Queen said certainly was a beacon in a sea of tinsel and Santas.

Enter 2012, and we are still talking about i(helped along by the fact it is her 60 th year on the throne). Damian Thompson, a journo with the Telegraph in London (and no friend of the Church of England) has written a piece titled "The Queen's Christian faith puts our bishops to shame" and he makes a persuasive case. The article has already attracted more than 900 online comments. 

The issue of same-sex marriage also trails into the new year, although a vote in Parliament seems further away than first thought. It leaves Christians time to visit or write to their local mps. In the blogosphere, there is starting to be some resistance from within the homosexual community. First the statement from actress Cynthia Nixon that she chooses to be gay. She was quickly howled down and 'clarified' her comments.

Now, there's also this post, which has gone viral, from a homosexual against gay marriage and the 'Sensible Man' site from someone who says he has struggled with same-sex attraction and who is definitely against gay marriage. Who knows the authenticity of such blogs, but it is interesting to see that even the gay community is not united on the issue.

Finally, some must-reads to round out the week in media watching. From CNN the new christian abolition movement, and from the Hollywood reporter, an echo of the Michael Medved controversy of the 90's, with the news that films with traditional values do better at the box office.