Should we be cross about this?

Russell Powell

Top of the top five stories this week in our breaking news links, is the future of cross-wearing in Britain. But it is just religious jewellery, right?

Well I thought so, until they tried to take it away. Now I find myself conflicted over whether we should go to the barricades on this one. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury says it's only 'religious decoration'  (with which he decorates himself often). One cleric even asked whose side is he on?

David Ould, at Stand Firm, pointed out that the remarks had been taken out of context, but the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is hot to trot on this issue saying "It’s a huge mistake to forbid a tiny act of Christian worship".

We will hear much more about this.

The same week, statistics on Christianity in Britain were publicised. This figure, from the British Parliament and the Economist did a story on the rise of Evangelicalism in the Church of England, and said "40% of Anglicans now attend evangelical parishes compared to 26% in 1989.

At NASA, David Coppedge doesn't wear a cross, but believes in intelligent design and claims that's why he was sacked from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The trial continues. But in Canada's National Post, Matt Gurney argues this is not the first time God and NASA have clashed.

Two other issues of note this week - the controversy in the US over 'GCB' (don't know what that is? Check here and here) and a verdict has been delivered in the James ossuary case. A lot of the news reporting is so misleading and sensational, I think its better to read about it here.