Strong words for ‘depraved logic’

Russell Powell

The work of two Melbourne academics on 'after-birth abortion' has received the strongest rebuke I've seen for a while, from their hometown newspaper.

From US Christian leader, Albert Mohler, I expected this swift rebuttal, but the suggestion that killing infants who would be a 'burden' to their parents (after birth) is logically no different from pre-birth abortion drew this very strongly worded opinion piece from The Age. True, it is from the Age's religion writer Barney Zwartz, even so it is a withering condemnation of what it calls 'thuggish logic'. "They reach their position by using a viciously reductive definition of ''person'' as someone who values their own existence, such that being deprived of it would be a loss. An infant does not do this, true; nor does someone in a coma" says Zwartz. "But in talking this way I have already conceded too much. To talk of "persons" as a separate category from other human beings, who are non-persons and thus less morally significant, is to allow thuggish thinking to smuggle in the desired conclusions in the premise." 

If only abortion itself received such scrutiny from our major newspapers.

In the land of the brave and free (speech), it seems black pastors who stand up for marriage are being labelled 'bigots and haters'. Proponents of same-sex marriage often compare their demands to the civil rights struggle. The Washington Post quotes Pastor Nathaniel Thomas as saying it is not about civil rights but scripture. "This is a cultural war, a cultural shift, and those who are in rebellion have decided to portray us as bigots and prejudiced” Thomas says.

The idea that those who are not in favour of same-sex marriage are somehow backward, has emerged as a key point in an article this week in the UK Telegraph. The writer, not even remotely coming from a christian viewpoint, makes a good point about why gay marriage is even on the agenda when most gays would not avail themselves of it. Read it here.

In the entertainment world, Kirk Cameron has felt the backlash from the gay lobby for his free speech (read the comments on that one...) and Miley Cyrus seems to be doing her best to wreck any credibility she had in the christian community.

Also this week, the spectre of Christchurch Cathedral under threat has galvanised the community and this harrowing letter from the father of a US soldier finds killed by friendly fire in Iraq.