The C of E gets some airtime

Russell Powell

It has been a big week for the Church of England. Rowan Williams announced he was stepping down and from then on he voiced his opinion on everything and it seemed everyone voiced their opinion back.

Here's Rowan on secularism, Richard Dawkins, secularism, and his successor.  

Here's the Telegraph, the Guardian, The Independent, the Daily Mail and even the New York Times on Rowan and the C of E.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph pointed out that the Archbishop of York might have cooked his goose with these comments on gay marriage, given the part that the pro gay marriage Prime Minister will play in the selection process. The African press is asking whether a black man will even be allowed to be the Archbishop of Canterbury.

There were plenty of other interesting stories and media happenings this week so if you have been totally out of the loop - I recommend you read 

Next week promises to be a bit quieter....