What’s going on?

As one who spends hours scouring the papers, the Internet and electronic outlets, I keep being reminded of the shortcomings of the media.

This week is no exception. What is going on in the lead-up to the ALP Conference? One paper says there's a right wing revolt over same-sex marriage, another says the PM will be caught in a pincer movement with both the right and the left supporting it. Despite what the television commercial says, the Fairfax papers have been, if not crusading, then certainly fairly strongly in favour of same-sex marriage. By my informal count, they have run opinion pieces at a ratio of about 3 to 1 in favour. The Australian's columnists, or at least some of them, have been saying that it should not be high on Labor's agenda and have at least reported the fact that the Australian Christian Lobby has gathered 100 thousand signatures against it. Mind you, changing the platform is one thing - carrying the day in Parliament is another.

In Anglican news, there's been a decision in the abandonment charges against Bishop Mark Lawrence, one of the few orthodox leaders left in the Episcopal Church in the United States. Conservatives have become so isolated in TEC that he was accused of abandoning the church, not the other way round!

Other stories to note - Woolies defends its gambling interests (there's a comprehensive feature on the subject in December's Southern Cross), a followup to the news earlier in the year about the California couple fined for holding a home Bible study, Newsweek states the obvious about America's epidemic of sex addiction, and the latest flashpoint over evangelism of muslims is in Kashmir.

Russell Powell has more than 30 years experience across all forms of media, with a long career as one of Australian radio's most prominent journalists and presenters. He was one of the pioneers of the ABC's NewsRadio network. As well as his on-air work, he has taught at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. He is now the CEO of Anglican Media Sydney and the Archbishop of Sydney's Media Adviser.


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