Online outreach for Connect09

Andrew Nixon

Connect09’s long awaited “external” web-site is now up and running at a familiar address: (our “internal” site still exists and can now be found at the new URL The new site is a key link in the Connect09 campaign. It is featured on banners and on every resource that has been produced - which may be as many as 1.5 million in total! It will be featured on postcards and book marks and in some parishes even T-shirts - anything is possible. The Connect09 team hope and pray that many, many not-yet-Christians will visit the site, find out more about Jesus and be linked up with a church or activity near them.

At the moment, the site is linked closely to the postcode that your church building is in.  Clearly many congregations cover a number of postcodes, though. Consequently the Connect09 team needs help to make sure that all the postcodes in your parish work when entered into the site’s search engine. Connect09 recognises that there will be some fuzziness at the margins and ultimately the team hope is to provide two or three churches for people to chose from. This will be a complicated evolution, but it is important.  Work is already underway, but you can facilitate the process by sending through your parish name and the postcodes within your parish to

You will also need to ensure that all details provided for your congregations and Connect09 activities are correct.  We have someone standing by to help and there is a link provided on the web-page where your details are listed. 

Making Connections for Life

2009 is here and the diocese’ new “external” slogan for the Connect09 campaign has been incorporated into the logo for use in all advertising and promotion to the wider community.  The Connect09 team tested out a number of possible lines with groups of non-Christians and “Making Connections for Life” came up trumps.

It works on a number of levels. It is positive and appeals to those in our community who want to belong. It says that we want to connect.  It gives us opportunity to say that connection with Jesus is the key to life now and forever. It evens ties in well with the Bible Society’s media campaign planned for Spring 2009. This new logo is available for download here.

Connect09 Banners

A free banner should have been delivered to every Connect09 parish over the past week.  It features the familiar logo with the new external slogan “Making Connections for Life”, along with perhaps the most important thing of all, the address of the new external website designed to connect us with people and connect people with Jesus. 

Raising awareness in the community is a vital part of any campaign. We have well over 400 church sites around out city - many in highly visible locations - not to mention our Anglicans Schools and organisations. The more banners we can get up in prominent places, the more impact we can create together.

But your banner(s) does not only contribute to the overall impact of the campaign. They also make out your location as a place where people can connect and find out more about Jesus. Send us a photo of your banner in place!  Additional (and larger) banners are available as part of Phase 2 resources which can be ordered by clicking this link.